10 Modern and Simple Wall Decoration Ideas with Fabric

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Wall decoration ideas that include fabrics are simple, inexpensive, stylish and impressive. Colorful wall decorations made of eco friendly or natural fabrics add beautiful accents to modern eco homes. Thick fabrics, like eco friendly contemporary felt or upholstery fabric, and light floral fabric patterns are great for bright and simple wall decorations that create a strong impact in a room.


One of creative ways to make wall decorations of fabric is to stretch it over an art canvas. A piece of fabric can be secured by stapling it on the back of the canvas. Instead of a canvas your can use old wooden picture frames, round, triangular or rectangular wooden pieces and embroidery hoops in various sizes. Solid fabrics, combined with abstract or floral fabric patterns make beautiful and simple wall decorations.

Using small pieces of different fabrics gives you an opportunity to experiment with colors, textures, abstract or floral fabric patterns and creative ideas. You can position pieces of fabrics the way you like, sewing them together and designing personal, unique and cheap wall decorations for your home.

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Staple fabric on one side, then on the opposite side of a picture frame or a canvas, pulling the fabric tight. Trim off extra fabric for a neat wall art work. Tack in the extra fabric to make tidy corners and staple it down.

Find small pieces of fabrics in your home, buy abstract or floral fabric on sale, look for an antique quilt and fabric with an attractive applique or an embroidery on flee market for stylish and inexpensive wall decorating ideas for your home. Look at old clothes in your closet and see if you can use solid or floral fabric pieces for making few small wall decorations.

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Quilts are wonderful wall decorating ideas. Framed or placed on canvas frames, they make your walls look artful and beautiful.

Attractive wall decoration ideas are often simple, inexpensive and do not require a lot of time or specialĀ  skills. Right combination of colors and textures, interesting fabric patterns make even small wall decorations impressive and stylish. (Creative furniture decorating with fabric)

Walls are large surfaces. All wall decorations made of modern fabrics feel personal, look bright and interesting. Many simple wall decoration ideas work well for the same room, including floral wallpapers, stylish painting and handmade small wall decorations. (Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns)

You can combine modern paint colors with wallpaper and floral fabric patterns for artistic wall decorating. Here are few ideas that are simple and elegant, offering an opportunity to get creative with abstract or floral fabric patterns and bright colors.

Inexpensive and simple wall decoration ideas look sophisticated and bold. Abstract or floral fabric patterns, well chosen colors and interesting textures offer numerous unusual and traditional wall decorating ideas that add a personal touch, charm and style to your walls. (Color trends, charming pink paint colors for walls)

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