Green Color

interior decorating with hreen accessories, furniture upholstery fabric and green paint color

Malachite green colors are rich and beautiful. As all green colors, these modern color design hues are fresh and peaceful, symbolic and fascinating. Modern decor ideas, inspired by malachite minerals and gemstones, create fabulous home interiors and office designs that evoke images of forests, grasslands, and…


Green paint and small kitchen accessories look wonderful with stainless steel appliances, wooden kitchen cabinets and furniture. Green paint and light window curtain fabric in green color, green tableware and small kitchen accessories are modern kitchen decorating ideas that add a splash of fresh leaf color…

Modern decorating ideas with green color feel fresh and relaxing. Green colored bedroom accessories, fabrics and green paint are simple ways bring green color into your bedroom.

Green bedroom ideas feel relaxing and stylish. Light green paint or green wallpapers are excellent choices for creating comfortable, pleasant and modern bedroom decor.