paint colors

modern interior decorating with turquoise colors

Turquoise blue interior colors are wonderful for modern room decorating. Versatile, suitable for any interior design, turquoise blue color hues are stylish and very attractive. Decor4all shares collection of blue room decorating ideas and color schemes that include various blue colors. Turquoise blue color is comfortable…

yellow color schemes and modern room decor ideas

Modern interior decorating with sunny yellow color shades, golden yellow and light yellow hues looks bright, sunny and warm. Beautiful yellow color shades are perfect choices to create a cheerful mood and bring positive atmosphere into room decor. Using various shades of yellow color, you can…

bright room colors for interior decorating

Modern home decorating ideas and bright color combinations, inspired by blooming gardens, are created by designer from Brazil Neza Cesar. Her home interiors are not only cheerful and colorful, but demonstrate gorgeous color design in accordance with good Feng Shui. Classic look of vintage furniture and…

bright room colors, interior decorating in 80s style

Neon room colors are associated with modern interior decorating in the 80s style. Bright neon colors can be loved or hated, but they offer a great way to transform your room decor with eye-catching-accents, bring youthful energy into your home and quickly change your interior decorating…

bright interior decorating color schemes for home decor

Modern interior decorating color schemes are an important part of interior design, and there are many color combinations to consider for paint, wallpaper patterns, furniture and decor accessories. Each room can have personality defined by its function, comfortable furnishings and a beautiful interior decorating color scheme….

interior paint colors and home furnishings for summer decorating

Selecting the best summer decorating color schemes for your rooms and outdoor living spaces is a simple and fun task. Beautiful home fabrics give great inspirations for interior paint colors. Summer home decorating is about taking advantage of the most colorful season of the year, blending…

green wall paint, green and white paint colors for wood furniture

Green and red color combinations, inspired by vegetable gardens, bring the Jardin Botanique trend for spring and summer decorating. Edible herbs and vegetable garden is colorful, bright and delicious. The Botanical GardenĀ  spring and summer decorating create bright, energetic and inviting room decor with green and…

solid wood furniture painted white

Bright colors, intricate patterns and crafty furniture decoration turn wood furniture pieces into amazing centerpieces. The modern furniture collection from Moooi delights with vivid designs that add bold accents to modern interiors and offer stunning focal points for cheerful and romantic home decorating. Modern furniture designed…

brown wall paint and turquoise furniture upholstery fabric

Dark chocolate brown colors are deep dark and comforting tones of brown color, celebrating rich and cozy home decorating color trends. Dark brown room colors, – interior paint, modern wallpaper designs, home furniture and decor accessories in dark brown color, – look very attractive and elegant

lime yellow blue and brown colors for interior decorating

Lime, blue and brown color combination looks fresh and comfortable, spectacular and stylish. Here is a photograph of interior decorating with these room colors that feels balanced and pleasant. Room decor accessories just accentuate bright wall paint color combination, and white bedding

orange sofa upholstery fabric and blue map on wall

Orange color shades look bright and warm, making objects appear closer and larger. Orange colors and decorating color combinations with white, gray, brown, yellow, blue and green tones are great for visual changing dimensions and balancing rooms proportions, creating cheerful and cozy

black floor carpet, mirror and picture frames

Black and white decorating ideas bring dramatic transformations into old house rooms, creating fresh and airy home interiors with light and spacious feel. Old house interiors, decorated in black and white look interesting and warm with wood furniture, green house plants and colorful accents

bedroom decorating with orange wall paint

Modern interior decorating trends bring trendy orange color tones and rich dark room colors that feel comfortable and luxurious. Exclusive and beautiful interior decorating ideas from Russian architectural studio AD are inspired by the beauty of the forest at night, creating mysterious shades

tangerine in reddish orange color

Refined and dramatic Tangerine Tango hue is one of gorgeous and glamorous color trends in 2012. Deep orange color tone is variant, inspired by colorful warm sunsets and juicy citrus fruits. Tangerine Tango combines the dynamic power of red color with the warmth and joy of…

blackboard paint for a dresser top for creating black and white decor

Blackboard paint for one of the walls, interior and closet doors or modern furniture decoration offers exciting room decorating ideas for adults and kids. Blackboard paint creates a writing surface and dynamic contrasts with white objects and furniture decoration details in white color, making room

moroccan furniture and decor accessories and orange wall paint

The versatility of Moroccan decor, that reflects the blend of Arabic, African and European cultures, makes selecting Moroccan home decorating color palette, mixing Moroccan furniture and decor items with Berber desert lanterns, Arabic decor accessories and adding exotic African fabric to traditional

white light gray and yellow color scheme for living room decorating in fall

Light gray and yellow color scheme with comfortable fall decorating ideas feel calm, inviting and elegant. Inspired by golden yellow fall foliage, light yellow paint colors or beautiful wallpapers, gray and yellow decorations on walls and home furnishings create warm and relaxing atmosphere


Stylish light pink ideas for bathroom decorating feel soft and romantic. Modern wallpaper patterns, wall paint or tile designs in pink color tones add tenderness and elegance to modern bathroom decorating.


White and yellow cream room paint colors work well with brown color shades, creating welcoming and light interior design, and offering warm and cozy room decorating ideas.


Orange paint and bathroom accessories, combined with white, brown, blue and pink tones, offer stylish bathroom decorating color schemes for creating cheerful modern bathroom decor.


Green bedroom ideas feel relaxing and stylish. Light green paint or green wallpapers are excellent choices for creating comfortable, pleasant and modern bedroom decor.


Pink paint is romantic and pleasant. Bold pink shades, including honeysuckle hue, are modern interior trends for cheerful, dynamic and stylish home decorating.