Interior Design Styles

french decorating ideas for modern interiors in french style

French style is one of the most beautiful and elegant trends in decorating. French interior decorating ideas are universally appealing, romantic and beautiful. French interiors feel comfortable and inviting, so ideas in French style are versatile and suitable for all home interiors, ages, and both genders….


Modern interior decorating ideas in classy vintage style of 1940s look impressive, comfortable and luxurious, giving great inspirations for bringing Bohemian chic style into your living room, bedroom or dining room. Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills shows off its new look and luxurious…

The Chippendale interior decorating style of 1750s-1780s offers gorgeous carved wood furniture pieces that are great for beautiful, expensive and modern room decor in vintage style. The Chippendale interior design style was influenced by the Chinese style, Gothic and Georgian styles. The Rococo interior decorating style…

Contemporary minimalist interior and classic home decorating styles are very different, but the fusion of two opposite interior design styles are a modern trend that creates unique, functional and comfortable homes. The founder of minimalist style interior design, Pier-Luigi Frigetto does not believe rumors about this…

1950s and 60s interior design style brings bright and soft pastel colors, simple wall tiles patterns and stripes, bright and warm combination of chrome finish and wooden furniture into modern bathrooms designs, offering unique and colorful ideas for bathroom decorating.

Modern bathroom decorating ideas and art deco interior design style bring strong black and white color contrasts, geometric patterns, impressive form and luxurious materials into bathrooms design.

Antique ideas for bathroom decorating, inspired by ancient luxury and charm of Victorian interior design style, bring romance and chic accents into modern bathrooms. Chandelier, claw foot tub, soft lighting and elegant fabrics are stylish ideas for bathroom decorating.