Color Schemes

bright room colors for home decorating in kandinsky style

Modern interior design trends look back at classic artworks for inspirations. The history of modern design, architecture and art blend into colorful and bold rooms created with bright colors and simple geometric shapes. Decor4all shares an expert advice for interior decorating and creating exclusive atmosphere inspired…

Beautiful bedroom decorating ideas in vintage style blend pleasant, soft and tender room colors with delightful bright accents in pink and turquoise blue color shades. Feminine bedroom decorating and pleasant room colors celebrate the beauty of comfortable, attractive and unique vintage style. The combination of exquisite…

Pink color is romantic and tender, cool and ambiguous. Beautiful pink color schemes can be used for modern home decorating in any style. Pink color looks wonderful, fresh and soft in kids bedrooms and living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. Pink color combinations create fabulous…

Modern home decorating ideas and bright color combinations, inspired by blooming gardens, are created by designer from Brazil Neza Cesar. Her home interiors are not only cheerful and colorful, but demonstrate gorgeous color design in accordance with good Feng Shui. Classic look of vintage furniture and…

Modern interior decorating color schemes are an important part of interior design, and there are many color combinations to consider for paint, wallpaper patterns, furniture and decor accessories. Each room can have personality defined by its function, comfortable furnishings and a beautiful interior decorating color scheme….

Selecting the best summer decorating color schemes for your rooms and outdoor living spaces is a simple and fun task. Beautiful home fabrics give great inspirations for interior paint colors. Summer home decorating is about taking advantage of the most colorful season of the year, blending…

Bright blue and pink color combinations bring festive and dynamic themes into spring and summer decorating. The Fiesta trend combines rich turquoise blue and bright pink color shades, highlights their beauty with white paint colors and spice up with a mix of bright green colors, light…

Green and red color combinations, inspired by vegetable gardens, bring the Jardin Botanique trend for spring and summer decorating. Edible herbs and vegetable garden is colorful, bright and delicious. The Botanical GardenĀ  spring and summer decorating create bright, energetic and inviting room decor with green and…

Lime, blue and brown color combination looks fresh and comfortable, spectacular and stylish. Here is a photograph of interior decorating with these room colors that feels balanced and pleasant. Room decor accessories just accentuate bright wall paint color combination, and white bedding

Nautical decor theme brings blue-red and white color combinations and wonderful decoration patterns that create an adventurous atmosphere in kids rooms. English company Dragons offers fabulous home furnishing collections Pirat Mice and Geared for Boys for young sea lovers

African dry Savannah and tropical decorating ideas for kids rooms look interesting and adventurous. Orange and yellow, brown and green interior color schemes are perfect for warm and pleasant decorating ideas for kids. Themed decor, inspired by exciting natural worlds of Africa, Asia

Silver, black and lavender color combination, the blend of modern interior decorating ideas with glamorous and chic touch create tender and soft decorating color palette and luxurious room decor for this small apartment, offering a beautiful, stylish and comfortable home for a romantic

Christmas decorating ideas are influenced by modern interior design trends, bringing modern golden yellow decorations and rich blue colors into modern homes. Dark blue and gold Christmas colors, combined with purple and black, gray and soft cream, white and brown, create stylish Christmas

Christmasworld, the largest holiday decorating trade show, offered four color trends for 2011-2012 Christmas decorating and other winter events decor. There are no taboos when it comes to exciting and creative Christmas themes or festive and gentle Christmas colors of 2011-2012 winter holiday

Modern interior design ideas that show off French chic and charm come from two artists MiriamĀ  and Dominique. Their room decorating ideas look impressive and beautiful. Creative interior design, bright color palette and unique ideas impress with appealing excellence, as a rare blooming

Provence country home decorating ideas is about rustic look, beautiful natural color palette and welcoming home atmosphere. French country decorating is warm and casual, elegant and charming. Stunning French country decor in Provence is a creative reflection of delightful weather, charming old villages

The versatility of Moroccan decor, that reflects the blend of Arabic, African and European cultures, makes selecting Moroccan home decorating color palette, mixing Moroccan furniture and decor items with Berber desert lanterns, Arabic decor accessories and adding exotic African fabric to traditional

Modern bedding patterns and color trends bring stylish and optimistic bedroom decorating ideas, patterns and color combinations. Modern bed sets are great inspirations for making bedroom ideas more interesting and comfortable, bringing beautiful decorating themes, exciting patterns

Light gray and yellow color scheme with comfortable fall decorating ideas feel calm, inviting and elegant. Inspired by golden yellow fall foliage, light yellow paint colors or beautiful wallpapers, gray and yellow decorations on walls and home furnishings create warm and relaxing atmosphere

Techno style is a modern interior decorating style that celebrates contemporary technologies, new materials and innovations. Techno interior design style is about bright room decorating ideas popular in 1980s, cool atmosphere and elegant sleek lines, typical for contemporary interior

Stylish living room furnishings, – modern home accessories and furniture, beautiful decorative fabrics and textiles, are important interior decorating elements that create attractive, comfortable and modern room design and pleasant atmosphere. Decorative fabrics

White and yellow cream room paint colors work well with brown color shades, creating welcoming and light interior design, and offering warm and cozy room decorating ideas.

Orange paint and bathroom accessories, combined with white, brown, blue and pink tones, offer stylish bathroom decorating color schemes for creating cheerful modern bathroom decor.

Elegant gray color schemes, functional bathroom accessories and simple decorating ideas create comfortable masculine bathroom interior that feels tranquil and relaxing.

Nature inspired white, brown and green color combination, natural materials, floral and leaves motifs and green plants are perfect ideas for eco style bathroom decorating.

Creamy white, gray and purple color combination is a perfect choice for romantic, stylish and soft bathroom decorating ideas, that include modern bathroom decor accessories, inspired by flowers decorating theme.

White-blue-red color combination, stars and stripes are modern decorating ideas for patriotic decoration for National holidays in spring and summer, Memorial Day and 4th of July celebration.