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Today many interior designers suggest to use glossy surfaces, which are an important element of  modern glamor trend for stylish home decorating. Beautiful wallpapers with retro patterns, vintage wallpaper style and color schemes look elegant and fresh with silver or golden details. Modern wallpaper designs with glimmering flower petals or fish fins add retro chic to interior decorating, creating room decor that feels glamorous and unique.


Beautiful wallpapers improve mood. Romantic vintage wallpaper patterns remind people bright, vibrant and happy days, that’s why vintage wallpaper is especially popular with middle age people who appreciate its relaxing effect, interesting theme and vibrant color schemes. (Modern decor trends and color schemes for winter)

Designer Annie Sloan is an expert in room makeover. She wrote a book, sharing 50 modern decor ideas to transform your home. She suggests to refresh old walls, adding glimmering details and creating vintage wallpaper look.

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Vintage wallpaper patterns

If you have good quality wallpaper that looks dated, create vintage wallpaper with glamorous golden or silver paint.

Fish or flower wallpaper patterns are particularly easy to make beautiful again, just add golden or silver details to flower petals or fish fins. Beautiful wallpapers will look romantic, modern and unique.

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Romantic vintage wallpaper patterns from France

Parisian artist Alix Soubiran created a new collection of vintage wallpaper patterns, that feel both contemporary and romantic. Her brand Princes & Crows was founded in 2008, but her vintage wallpaper patterns, modern room decor ideas and pleasant color schemes are already very popular. (7 romantic purple-pink interior color schemes for spring decorating)

vintage wallpaper contemporary wall decorating ideas

Her beautiful wallpapers tell amazing stories, creating unique and elegant room decor that looks vivid and romantic.

The new collection of vintage wallpaper patterns Princes and Crows is inspired by famous book  The Little Prince. Magic forest characters, butterflies, birds and animals, come together, sharing their stories and offering attractive color schemes for room decor.

Bird wallpaper patterns are a perfect choice for bedroom decor. Kids will love astronauts or monkey wallpaper for their room design. (Kids decor ideas for boys and girls) Tender flower wallpaper patterns can emphasize romantic living room decor, and fish wallpaper will look great in the dining room.

Black-pink wallpaper patterns from England

Designer from London Ellie sells her beautiful wallpapers and textiles at Interesting, cute and playful shadows and create unusual modern decor that make people smile and relax.

Beautiful wallpapers and pillows look cheerful and joyous, creating happy atmosphere with vintage style flavor.

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