Cute Handmade Felt Decorations, 25 Simple and Eco Friendly Craft Ideas

homemade felt decorations and christmas tree ornaments

Handmade felt decorations are eco friendly and charming. Here is a wonderful collection of cute and simple to make felt ornaments that can be used for Christmas garlands or hanging decorations for kids rooms. Handmade felt decorations make gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments and very special homemade gifts for winter holidays and birthdays.


Handmade felt decorations look soft and friendly. Felt is a perfect material for recycle and crafts. Homemade felt decorations are really fun for the kids. Even young children can help to make decorations of felt pieces and personalize holiday decor.You can glue or sew felt pieces together, turning them into gorgeous home decorations and very special gifts.

If you like to recycle, there are many different characters and images you can make with felt fabrics. Homemade Christmas tree ornaments or holiday decorations for any season look fabulous while saving you money and providing great opportunities to explore your creative side.

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Handmade felt decorations

Handmade felt decorations and Christmas tree ornaments, colorful mittens

Homemade felt decorations are cheap and interesting, offering a good way to decorate your windows, doors, chandeliers and Christmas tree to liven them up with your favorite holiday decor theme. Making handmade Christmas tree decorations of felt fabrics is a fun way to bring Christmas cheer into your home.

You can create these homemade decorations in monochromatic colors or turn them into bright and colorful ornaments. You can tape these light decorations or make a thread loop for hanging them on Christmas tree branches and holiday wreaths.

Tropical birds decorations made of felt fabric pieces in bright colors

Homemade felt decorations are an economical way to create one-of-a-kind holiday decor and decorate your kids rooms in playful and colorful style. All familiar characters and images created of felt will add joy to your kids life and turn their room decorating into a pleasant DIY project.

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