Elegant French Home Interior Trend, Light Room Decorating Ideas

gray white living room furniture upholstery cushions

French Home interior trend, offered for spring decorating, brings classic French elegance of gray colors and modern home furnishings into your home. Neutral light gray and charming white colors are pleasant room decorating ideas that make your living space airy and spacious. White cream and gray color schemes create relaxing atmosphere and elegant color combination that is perfect for dining room or living room decorating in spring and summer.
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Elegant, delicate and luxurious French Home collection and graceful gray-white color combination are beautiful choices for decorating ideas that help slow down and relax. French designers love all gray color tones, – dark gray, light gray, steel blue, pearl gray, slate gray or anthracite. Gray and white are the ultimate neutral color combination, but versatile. Gray and white color combination can set a quiet mood or bring dynamic contrasts and make room decorating energetic and exciting.

Decorative fabrics and beautiful wallpapers patterns in white and gray colors adds tenderness and a palyful touch to room decorating ideas. Bluish-gray and white color combination works well with dark gray tones. Brown-gray and white color combination is great for wooden frames and furniture pieces in dining room. It adds a dramatic flavor to cream white and light gray room decorating ideas.

white gray color schemes living room decorating

Cool bluish gray paint colors for walls are offset by comfortable brown-gray table cloth, light gray and white curtains, cushions and painted wood. Soft furniture upholstery fabric and cushions create inviting luxury.

Tender gray and white curtains with sheen floral details match walls and add a touch of glamour to French Home collection.

Gray-white color combination

Painted gray, white cream or light brown-gray frames, wooden accessories and furniture pieces bring out soft and comfortable undertones and bright shades, creating elegant wall decor and connecting all decorating ideas and items.

white gray color schemes french interior style

French Home interior trend offers rich, soft and light gray and white color combination that has unique French charm, connecting classy white, mysterious bluish gray and comfortable brown-gray shades. (Modern dining chair covers for fresh room decor)

sheer curtains window treatment designs gray colors

White-gray color schemes, dining room and living room decorating ideas

Classic French materials, felt and wool, silk and sheer organza, ribbons and medallions create chic room decor.

Floral fabric patterns, lace, embroidery and a cream rose bouquet are tender details that add charm to room furnishings and make room decor look romantic, warm and relaxing. (Summer flower, interior trends and color schemes for spring decorating)

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