Black and White Decor, 18 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas

black and white decor pillows and tableware

Black and white decor look spacious and calm. Black and white color combination feel balanced and quiet. Little details in other colors highlight the beauty of black and white decor. Modern interior decorating ideas from experts will help to find the best solutions for your rooms, if you like black and white color combination and create elegant, calm and modern home interiors.


Black and white decorating ideas are one of modern interior trends. Adding small decorative accents in other colors make stylish black and white decor feel sensual, more interesting and optimistic. White decorating ideas are excellent for increasing living spaces visually.

Black color symbolizes chic, adding luxurious flavor to modern interior decorating in black and white.Light gray and grayish tones are neutral colors that enhance black and white decor, creating a rich color combination and make modern interiors look harmonious and sophisticated.

Interior decorating in black and white colors

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Black and white interior decorating with red accents

black and white decorating ideas for dining roomBlack and white decorating ideas, white furniture and black and white wall decor

White decorating ideas make walls and ceiling almost invisible, opening home interiors and creating airy rooms. Home furnishings in light gray, bluish and grayish tones look lighter and more expressive with white walls, ceiling and floor.

Black and white decor is classy and refined, but can feel too calm for some people. Small decorative accessories in bright color, small items with colorful prints or green indoor plants will add life to black and white color combination, bringing more interest and energy into modern interior decorating in black and white.

black and white living room designLiving room decorating in black and white

Decorative pillows, window curtains, wall paintings, vases, bright furniture piece will add cheerful and dynamic accents to relaxing black and white decor.

Bedroom wallpaper in black, white and gray

Blackboard paint, DIY modern furniture decoration in black and white

Bringing more items in bright colors into room decor will help create beautiful and colorful interior decorating, balanced by black and white color combination that makes living spaces look stylish and elegant, universally attractive and luxurious.

black and white decor pillows and tablewareBlack and white decorating color combination, black and white pillows, vases and tableware

Black and white background is perfect for colorful upholstery fabrics and metallic items. Silver, chrome and stainless steel home accessories bring shimmer into modern interior decorating, creating waving and flickering images and shine with a subdued light.

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Black and white color combination symbolises two opposite powerful elements that create perfect harmony. Black and white decorating, enriched by light gray color tones are the symbol of good taste and sharp mind. Bright color accents make black and white decor feel less formal, offering the elegant color combination and softer contrasts for modern interior decorating ideas.

Black and white color combination for interior decorating

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