Making Pillows Pumpkins of Decorative Fabrics, Bright Fall Craft Ideas

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Fall is a beautiful Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations theme. Colorful Pumpkins decorative pillows make wonderful gifts, fall decor accessories, Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations, inspired by harvesting and striking fall leaf colors. Making pillows of decorative fabrics in fall is an excellent way to enjoy fall crafts, creating unique gifts, homemade Halloween decorations and room decor accessories for Thanksgiving, that bring warmth and comfortable green, brown and fall foliage colors into modern homes.


Danielle Thompson, small and large pillows that look like pumpkins, inspiring those who like to make unique room decorating accessories for Thanksgiving and cheap homemade Halloween decorations, who enjoy colorful fall decorating ideas and working with decorative fabrics.

Lovely, bright and cheerful Pumpkins decorative pillows can be made of cotton or flannel fabric, silk fabric or patchwork fabric pieces, offering great fall craft ideas for kids and adults. Attractive and easy to makeĀ  decorative cushions that look like Pumpkins are perfect fall decorating ideas and will look exciting on the living room sofa or entryway bench, in the bedroom, kids room or nursery.

Homemade Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving craft ideas

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Inspired by Martha Stewart fall decorating ideas, Thanksgiving and Halloween crafts, decorations and homemade gift designs, Danielle wrote easy to follow instructions for making pillows Pumpkins for fall decor, gifts, Thanksgiving decorating and Halloween home decoration.

Making pillows, Pumpkins for fall decor

The project of making pillows will add attractive timeless designs, functional room decor accessories, beautiful textures and colors of decorative fabrics to your home fall decor. Simple do-it-yourself ideas for making pillows can help recycle used clothes, vintage fabric and lace, old buttons, ribbons and dress jewelry pieces that you do not need.

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Impressive and optimistic small and large pillows Pumpkins will inspire you to use small decorative fabrics pieces that clutter your shelves, free your storage space and bring the pleasant texture of flannel fabric, softness of silk fabric or playful designs of colorful patchwork fabric into your room decorating in fall.

fall decorating ideas pumpkins decorative pillows

Sewing small room decorating accessories and making pillows in fall are perfect for creating personal fall decor that feels warm and cozy. Homemade decorative cushions make room decorating ideas look inviting and relaxing, adding a soft country style touch to modern home furnishings.

Making pillows and room decor accessories brings more pleasure and beauty of knitting, crocheting and sewing art into your life, offering great fall craft ideas for kids, teens and adults.

Helping unleash your creativity, making pillows projects allow you to spend more time with your family, prepare unique homemade gifts or decorate your home interiors in unique style with warm fall leaf colors and nature inspired designs.

Home decor fabrics and tools for making pillows Pumpkins:

– cotton or flannel fabric, silk or patchwork fabric. Danielle used a diverse mix of vintage fabric sheets, velvet and new patterned fabrics. If your fabric is sheer (like silk/rayon velvet fabric with a floral pattern, you’ll need to back it with a solid cotton. Danielle chose a regular cream linen.) pillows filler, scissors, sewing machine, sewing pencil, sewing tape, thread and thin needle, acrylic yarn for knitting and a large needle;
– scissors/rotary cutter, whichever you like to use best;
– straight edge or ruler;
– acrylic yarn for knitting;
– embroidery floss;
– tape measure;
– self-healing mat;
– polyester fiberfill to stuff your decorative pillows pumpkins with;
– sewing pins;
– vanishing marker or pen;
– embroidery needles;
– long embroidery needle, a basting needle or if you plan on using yarn, you’ll need a plastic yarn needle, which works really well on large pillows pumpkins.

Tutorial for making pillows

Pumpkins decorative cushions, made of fabric (

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