11+ Ways to Add Green Color to Bedroom Decor

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Simple and inexpensive bedroom decorating ideas can add green color to your decor and turn your bedroom into a serene and beautiful room. Green colored modern bedroom accessories  and paint colors make your bedroom look fresh, stylish and pleasant, creating a retreat, where you can relax and enjoy your favorite colors, decorating ideas and accessories. (Color trends, charming pink paint colors for walls)


You do not need to do a whole bedroom makeover to change the way it looks and feels. Green color is the symbol of freshness and relaxation. Adding a splash of green color to your bedroom dramatically change the space, creating bright, fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Time saving, inexpensive small bedroom decorating ideas, green paint, cheap or handmade green colored decor accessories, add beautiful spring accents to your bedroom, making it look personal and relaxing. (Bedroom decorating ideas, green paint and wallpaper)

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11 small bedroom decorating ideas

1. Bedroom cushions and pillows fabric with green leaves and blooming flowers or solids are the easiest way to add freshness and romantic accents to your bedroom decorating.

Strategically placed cushions and pillows bring vibrant fresh colors into your bedroom, creating a comfortable and relaxing interior. (7 purple-pink color schemes for spring decorating)

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2. A green colored throw or light window curtains add cheerful and pleasant accents to your bedroom. Light shades of green color are perfect for brightening up a space with dark furniture and decor accessories.

Light gray-green, citrus yellow and white fabrics are good choices for modern bedroom decorating ideas.

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3. An attractive art piece can introduce bold shades of green color and add an artistic touch to your bedroom interior. It is an excellent way to bring very bright or dark green colors into your room, which can not be used for a whole bedroom decorating.

4. Crispy white sheets with green embroidery or decorative details and designs brighten up your bedroom decor, bringing green colors and elegant style into your home.

5. Green colored lamps add a splash of fresh color and interesting shapes, making your modern bedroom decorating ideas more comfortable and colorful.

6. Green house plants are healthy and inexpensive decor accessories that can be used for large and small bedroom decorating in eco style. Green house plants clean the air and control the humidity level, creating modern bedroom decor and pleasant environment for your rest.

7. Green wallpapers are trendy. Inspired by nature wallpaper designs with green leaves and blooming flowers can decorate a part of a bedroom wall, a mirror frame, bedroom closet doors or drawers. Green wallpapers and textiles with romantic floral patterns are especially attractive and stylish.

8. Painting one wall green color in your bedroom is another way to create modern bedroom decor. Citrus yellow or green tones, lime green or deep shades of green color look interesting and create a beautiful focal point for your modern bedroom decorating.

9. Traditional or contemporary area rugs and carpets are modern bedroom decorating ideas that can add more fresh green color and wonderful texture to your bedroom. (Sculptured contemporary area rugs, floor decor ideas)

10. Creating simple green colored decor accessories and decorations for your bedroom furnishings, like green leaves made of felt, are modern ideas that will adorn simple table lamps shades or solid color cushions. Green beads and ribbons are easy bedroom decorating ideas that are inexpensive and can be quickly changed for another season.

11. Painting furniture green color creates new interior decor items, saving you money on bedroom decorating.

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