Modern Lighting Fixtures with Felted Lamp Shades by Dana Bachar

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Felted lamp shades for modern lighting fixtures are beautiful, warm and inspiring works of designer Dana Bachar. Felted lamps collection is a result of exploring various ways of joining two materials: felted wool and metal. Modern lighting fixtures made of these two natural materials which play a distinguished role in lamp shades design are beautiful and impressive, soft and stylish.


The lamp shades are formed by felting the wool over the metal frames, creating an unusual joint between these two materials, which make every home lighting fixture different and interesting. Tel Aviv-based industrial designer Dana Bachar created amazing Felted collection of lamps that are gorgeous and truly unique.

A recent graduate of Holon Institute of Technology, she designed soft, pleasant and organic lighting fixtures: contemporary floor lamps, decorative table lamps and pendant lights, – with metal frames and eco friendly felted wool which create an unusual, surprising and beautiful combination that’s also functional.

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contemporary floor lamps with felted lampshadesContemporary floor laps with felted lamp shades and metal base

Lighting designer description

A collection of lamps is a result of exploring various ways of joining two materials – felted wool and metal. Each material has a distinguished role in the object and joining them enables to create the final product.

Stylish lampshade is formed by felting the wool over the metal frame, creating a lock-up between the two materials at the joint. In each piece of the collection the joint characteristics are different.

pendant lights with felted lampshadesPendant lights with felted lamp shades and metal frames

Beautiful lamp shades in stylish pink and purple colors feel tender, romantic and soft, adding unique character to interior decorating and creating welcoming ad cozy atmosphere.

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