25 Modern Decor Ideas with Floral Fabric Prints and Textiles

spring decorating with flowers, floral prints and flower designs

Beautiful flowers are great home decorating ideas. Floral prints and fresh flower bouquets, flowers designs on wood furniture and floral wallpapers, painted flowers on walls and furniture or floor textiles and towels with floral patterns offer many modern decor ideas to bring spring atmosphere into rooms and outdoor living spaces.


Floral fabric prints are great for windows curtains and fabric room dividers, decorative prints and furniture covers. Fresh flower bouquets look gorgeous with floral fabric prints enhancing spring decorating ideas.

Colorful floor textiles and towels with beautiful flowers make romantic accents to spring decorating. Floral prints add charming details to window curtain fabrics and room furniture upholstery fabrics.

Beautiful furniture upholstery fabrics in vintage style

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Floral fabrics prints and textiles for interior decorating

Rich blue wall paint, wood and painted white wood furniture, floral fabric with pink and purple flowers

Floral prints and flower designs can be combined and mixed with flowers in various sizes and geometric patterns. Floral fabric prints give great inspirations for room colors and allow harmonize room decor by selecting designers color palettes for summer and spring decorating.

Colorful flower designs and bright floral fabric prints can spruce up black and white room decor ideas. Beautiful flowers and all colors look fabulous with all textures and work well with many other decorations patterns.

Floral wallpaper in neutral color and bright floral upholstery fabric with turquoise blue and pink flower designs

Floral fabric prints and textiles are versatile, pleasant and always modern decor ideas. Floral bedding and decorative pillows with floral embroidery, floral upholstery fabrics and window curtains with flower designs can be combined with floral wallpaper and small room decor accessories and enhance interior decorating with matching colors.

Geometric decoration patterns and floral fabric prints, modern decor ideas
Fresh flower bouquet and floral fabric print, spring decorating ideas

  Posted: 26.03.2015 by Decor4all