3 Ideas for DIY Recycling, Glass Vases and Flower Arrangements

tulip flower arrangement

DIY flower arrangements make wonderful table decorations and centerpieces on a budget. DIY vases created with glass bottle or jars look simple and charming. Beautiful flower arrangements turn them into gorgeous table decorations and centerpieces for home decorating, saving you money and bringing more fun into your life.


DIY vases make excellent, original and unique gifts. Beautiful flower arrangements in DIY vases suit any interior design and decor style and add personal touches to special event and holiday tables. Blending pleasant colors with creative design ideas, DIY flower arrangements bring elegance into every room.

Here are three simple, easy to make and very attractive DIY vases created with glass bottles and jars. These design ideas are stylish and inspiring, giving you a reason to recycle glass items for bright and beautiful home decorating with glass. You can use inexpensive flowers that you like, or make more expensive flower arrangements.

DIY recycling glass vases and flower arrangements

recycling glass vases and flower arrangements
Recycling glass vases and flower arrangements

Unique decorative vases created with tape and spray paint

Two simple table decorating ideas, DIY flower centerpieces

To save money you can add filler flowers and greenery, thin and tall branches or grass leaves. Unusual flower arrangements look fabulous.

The blend of small and tall flowers with green leaves create impressive, artistic and very decorative flower arrangements for your table decoration. Flower arrangements and candles make fantastic table centerpieces.

Ribbon for decorating glass vases

tulip flower arrangement
Ribbon decorated glass vase and tulip flower arrangement

recycling glass bottles for flower arrangement

You can make DIY vases for gifts. Adding flowers to a handmade vase gives the present very festive look and  special feel. Simple field flowers and dried flowers, handmade paper flowers, silk flowers or felt flowers, added to recycled glass vases look fantastic.

Twines and ropes for decorating glass vases

Recycling glass bottles and rope for decorative vases and flower arrangements

DIY decorative vases, inspirations from Glass Tube Vase designed by Aurelle Richard

Hanging vases for home decorating, craft ideas, diy decorative accessories

Buttons for decorating glass vases

Simple and easy to make flower arrangements with recycling glass bottles

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