DIY Decorative Vases, Inspiration from Glass Tube Vase Designed by Aurelle Richard

diy table centerpieces and flower arrangements

DIY decorative vases look unusual, interesting and unique, bringing creative design into modern home decor and recycling useless items, upcycling them into beautiful home decorations. Glass tube vases, designed by French artist Aurelle Richard, give a great inspiration for simple to make DIY decorative vases for flowers.


These decorative vases blend the simplicity with elegance, mixing natural materials and flowers into attractive and original table centerpieces. Everyday objects, turned into amazing home decorations, are true artworks transforming room decor and adding surprising design to table decoration.

You might get inspired by this gorgeous decorative design idea and create exclusive decorative vases for your home. These miniature vases with flowers or large green leaves will add natural feel and fresh look to your modern home decor, bringing unique accents in eco style into your rooms.

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Glass Tube Vases for decorating with flowers or green leaves

diy table centerpieces and flower arrangements
Glass tube vase gives an inspiration for making unique decorative vases and unusual flower arrangements

All you need to make these eco home decorations are three wooden sticks, glass test tubes and thin rope. Also you can use tree branches, small glass bottles or jars and colorful yarn to modify the vase design, enhancing and enriching it with your creative ideas and unexpected materials.

Add large green leaves or fresh flowers and enjoy amazing decorative vases, perfect for any special occasion or holiday table decoration.

diy vase for flower arrangement and table decoration
Diy vases for creating unique table centerpieces with flowers or green leaves
unusual flower arrangements
Unusual flower arrangements and table centerpieces

  Posted: 15.11.2012 by Decor4all