Hanging Vases for Home Decorating, Craft Ideas, DIY Decorative Accessories

decorative accessories vases made of glass jars

Hanging vases created of empty glass jars, metal cans or old pitches can make beautiful decorative accessories for your your porch or kitchen interior, adding a unique touch to home decorating in simple and relaxing style. Easy DIY projects for creating hanging vases are a way of recycling glass jars also.


Hanging vases are charming decorative accessories that are great for small rooms. Handmade decorative accessories on walls or doors save space and add an interesting design or a splash of bright color to your small room decor.

Hanging vases for your column, post, door or wall decoration can be made of empty glass jars and metal cans, old vases and pitchers. Beautiful and charming DIY decorative accessories made of useless items is an eco friendly way of recycling clutter items and make your home feel more spacious and attractive.

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decorative accessories vases made of glass jarsCraft ideas for creating door and wall decorations, DIY hanging vases with flowers

How to make hanging vases of glass jars

1. Find or buy a piece of plywood and paint white color.

2. Select a small vase, glass jar or pitcher that you want to use for this DIY project. Select the vase, glass jar or pitcher which have the neck for fixing the vase to the wood piece.

diy decorative accessories for glass recyclingGlass jar recycling and craft ideas for home decorating

3. Drill two small holes in the wood pieces for a thin wire that will help to hang the vase on the wood piece.

4. Wrap the glass jar neck several times with a wire. Place the jar near the drilled holes and insert the ends of the wire through them, fasten the jar to the piece of plywood.

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5. Drill two more holes in the wooden piece and make a large loop for hanging on the wall.

6. Add water and fresh flowers, and use this decorative accessory for charming ad creative home decorating.

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