5 Creative Kitchen Decor Ideas Recycling and Upsycling What you Have

dishtowels decorated with pompons

Simple kitchen decor ideas that inspire dto reuse and recycle items that you have into beautiful and creative kitchen accessories or decorations offer a way of interesting and green living, saving money and protecting the environment. You do not need to buy it if you can DIY. Here is five kitchen decor ideas that are simple, bright and fun.


These kitchen decor ideas help repurpose and upsycle unusedĀ  or plain, lacking interest items, personalizing your kitchen decorating and adding more organization to your home. Use these kitchen ideas or come up with your own designs to turn clutter into deliciously homemade , useful and attractive items.

Homemade lunch bags is an interesting kitchen decor ideas from Tonya Staab, TonyaStaab.com, www.tonyastaab.com/ Taking snacks or lunch in a handamde bag not only saves money, but encourages healthy eating habits and wise food selection. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make these colorful bags of fabrics in no time, adding bright kitchen accessories to your home.

Caps for cups, handmade kitchen accessories and table decorations

Handmade table decorations, charming table decoration with fabric

Creative craft ideas, making home decorations with beach pebbles

Creative and simple kitchen decor ideas and crafts

homemade lunch bags
Homemade lunch bags, creative craft ideas

DIY cupcake wrappers is a gorgeous table decoration idea from Ebony Snow Chafey, Snow & Graham, www.snowandgraham.com/ Handmade wrappers for cupcakes or muffins are a nice way to personalize sweet treats with creative designs. A pair of scissors, a pretty piece of paper and a pencil are all you need.

paper craft ideas, handmade cupcakes wrappers
Simple paper craft ideas, homemade cupcake wrappers

DIY dishtowels are another creative kitchen ideas from Becky Kazana, The Fab Miss B, www.thefabmissb.blogspot.ca/ offering an easy and inexpensive way to make dishtowels look fancy and luxurious.

dishtowels decorated with pompons
Creative kitchen decor ideas beautifying dishtowels with bright small pompons and lace

Remodeling a kitchen cabinet and adding shelves for convenient storage enrich your kitchen decor and improve home organization while giving a personal touch to your kitchen decorating. The remodeling kitchen cabinet idea is from Jennifer Hadfield, Tater Tots and Jello, http://tatertotsandjello.com/

his is a great DIY kitchen project if you are looking to change up the look of your cabinet with no commitment. You attach the wrapping paper with double-sided tape. So when you are ready for a change, all you need to do is peel off the paper and the tape with no damage to the underlying wood.

Kitchen cabinet decorating with paper

Measuring spoon and cup organizing board is designed by Beckie Farrant, Infarrantly Creative, www.infarrantlycreative.net/ The board offers an attractive storage idea and hanging option, adding a unique accent to your kitchen decor.

Kitchen storage and organization idea, measuring spoons and cups board

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