kitchen accessories

window treatment ideas for modern kitchens

Creative kitchen curtains add interest to kitchen design and allow to personalize interior decorating in elegant and unique style. Decor4all collection of attractive window treatment ideas provides inspirations and may help the readers to determine the best kitchen curtains for their homes. Kitchen curtains are an…

colorful crochet designs for home decorating

Modern kitchens are the warmest, busiest and most comfortable interiors in our houses. Colorful kitchen decor delights and invites to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and drinks. Artistic touches and creative crafts allow to add personality, texture and bright colors to modern kitchens turning them…

modern kitchen design in yellow and black

Modern kitchen decor in black and yellow looks impressive. The contrasting color schemes blend warmth and joy with timeless elegance, and give kitchen cabinets a unique, bold and stylish look. Decor4all shares modern kitchen design projects and ideas for creating kitchen decor in yellow and black…

decorative accessories, metal wire candle holders

Candle holders in geometric shapes reflect modern trends in home decorating and bring unique decor accessories into rooms that are stylish and interesting. Unusual and elegant these unique candle holders can work as wall sconces and table decorations creating contemporary or retro modern decor. Made with…

recycle for crafts, cheap kitchen decorating ideas

Art and craft ideas help create simple, beautiful and unique kitchen decor. Recycle crafts and easy to make decorations can enhance the look of your new modern kitchen and add interest to existing kitchen decor. Recycle for crafts produces wonderful home decorations made with simple materials….

kitchen decor ideas and colors for summer decorating

Summer decorating brings simple and light ideas that can brighten up modern kitchen decor with small changes. Here is a collection of 21 beautiful kitchen decor ideas and light color combinations inspired by summer decorating that you can incorporate into your kitchen decor. Simple and small…

tea infusers, small kitchen accessories and table decorations

Modern tea infusers add fun to tea party table decoration and help achieve the finest brew of tea. There are different types of tea infusers in traditional designs and creative styles. Tea infusers hold loose tea leaves while they steep. A modern tea infuser lets the…

dishtowels decorated with pompons

Simple kitchen decor ideas that inspire dto reuse and recycle items that you have into beautiful and creative kitchen accessories or decorations offer a way of interesting and green living, saving money and protecting the environment. You do not need to buy it if you can…

place mats in blue color with origami design

Weaved place mats and hot pot mats inspired by origami art are wonderful crafts that add unique decorative accessories to kitchen and dining room decor. A weaved place mat can be made by kids and adults, giving a personal touch to your home decorating and adding…

vintage style wall shelves and kitchen cabinet with curtain

Vintage style if one of modern trends in decorating. Kitchen design in vintage style look familiar and pleasant, blending eclectic style with contemporary appliances, furniture and decor designed in vintage style. Kitchen decorating in vintage style include handmade decorations

round cushion for stool or garden bench

Handmade felt cushions for stools or garden benches are wonderful craft ideas for spring decorating. Eco friendly felt adds warmth to seats, making them look inviting. Bright colors and creative designs, inspired by spring decorating theme, give modern comfort and unique character to your balcony

white kitchen cabinets

White decorating ideas are timeless, bright and elegant. White paint creates the perfect background for light kitchen decorating with colorful accents. White decorating ideas work well with any other color, creating sophisticated contrasts with black, tender color combinations

modern kitchen design and contemporary appliances

Green paint and small kitchen accessories look wonderful with stainless steel appliances, wooden kitchen cabinets and furniture. Green paint and light window curtain fabric in green color, green tableware and small kitchen accessories are modern kitchen decorating ideas that add

cooking with spices and wthnic cuisine

Modern kitchen accessories for spices storage should protect spices from the direct light, heat and moisture that alter vibrant color, unique flavor and aroma. Essential oils can quickly evaporate, if spice containers are kept on open kitchen shelves near the fridge, window, sink or stove. A…


Modern kitchen curtains and functional window treatment ideas are an important part of creating inviting kitchen decor and designing open, light and comfortable kitchen interior.