7 Purple-Pink Interior Color Schemes for Spring Decorating

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Traditional interior color schemes for spring decorating include light blue, green and yellow colors. Spring decorating is about fresh air, light home decor ideas and cheerful atmosphere. Modern interior colors include all shades of green, yellow and blue, off-whites tones, tender peach, soft cream, cool lilac, trendy purple and pink color tones and natural wood shades. (Summer Flower interior trend and color combination for spring-summer season)


Every season is beautiful. Fresh ideas for spring decorating offer soft, neutral and rich colors that add dynamic color contrasts to home interiors. Neutral colors and bright interior paint colors create elegant, pleasant and energetic interior color schemes with bold accessories. Traditional yellow and green shades look great with modern purple and pink interior colors, make home furnishings feel soft and romantic, and create relaxing atmosphere. (Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns)

White and light gray tones, beige and sand shades, combined with bright colors, offer natural and relaxing interior color schemes for colorful spring decorating. Tender colors, like sky blue, light purple and pink, cream and yellow-green tones add softness to stylish spring decorating, offering charming interior color schemes for modern home decor also.

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All green and yellow green tones, included in monochromatic interior color schemes, are excellent ideas for spring decorating that adventurous and energetic people will enjoy.

Bright color accents, light blue, purple, pink or golden yellow, add more interest to monochromatic interior color schemes with colorful modern decor accessories and textiles.

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Light green, yellow, purple and pink interior colors, included in spring interior color schemes, transform boring rooms into a bright, full of joy and fun spaces.

Yellow and orange are optimistic and happy colors. Splashed of stylish bright orange, red-pink and lilac, combined with spring green or golden yellow tones, create expressive and modern interior ideas for spring decorating. (Modern decor trends and interior colors)

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Purple and pink for modern spring decorating

Pink and spring green color combinations look youthful and romantic. Stronger shades of purple-pink add extravagant and charming accents to neutral off-white, light gray or beige interior colors. (Color trends, charming pink paint colors for walls)

Soft purple-pink and light green color combinations create tender and relaxing interior color schemes for harmonious and balanced modern spring decorating. (Kids bathroom ideas, charming girls bathroom decor)

Textiles and decor accessories textures are important elements of decorating with sweet purple and pink color combinations.

Purple and pink details in the textiles and decor accessories make a room look elegant and sophisticated. Coarse linen, simple shapes and clean lines balance the sweetness of purple-pink interior color schemes, making a room feel soft, beautiful and relaxing.

Green-yellow, purple and pink can be used in many different color combinations, creating beautiful interior color schemes that make home decor look interesting and impressive.

Modern spring decorating ideas:

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