Brave Avant-Garde Style in Modern Interior Design and Decorating

unusual window design, walls painted turquoise and orange colors

The avant-garde style is about novel, never done before interior design experiments, innovative solutions and contrasting color combinations. The avant-garde decorating style is the opposite of the classic interior design style. This style brings dynamic color combinations, adds bold and colorful accents to modern interior design and create youthful decorating.


Color contrasts is a great tool that you can use for bringing the avant-garde decorating style into your home interiors. Bright walls and dark furniture, black-n-white room decor or eye-catching colorful accents are just few ways to create modern interior design and decor in avant-garde style.

The choice of furniture if yours, but avoid ordinary, traditional and classic furniture and decor accessories. Every decor item that is unique, original or unusual is perfect for modern interior design in avant-garde style. This is a brave interior design style that celebrates creativity and experiments.

Modern interior design and decorating in avant-garde style

red chairs and yellow wall
Red chairs and yellow wall, living room design in avant-garde-style

Avant-garde style is great for those who appreciate original designs and unique decor. This interior design style celebrate personal taste and innovative thinking. Id you cherish freedom and independence, modern interior design in avant-garde style is ideal for you.

The avant-garde style reflects the revolutionary aspirations of the youth in the early 20th century. The avant-garde style if a cultural and aesthetic challenge, claiming to be the creation of new art. The avant-garde style was supposed to destroy antique art, mind set and lifestyle, offering novel ideas, and it generates interesting interior design ideas, harmoni8zing the chaos with completely new, cutting-edge forms of expression.

black and white room decor with yellow accents
Black and white living room design with yellow accents, artworks and contrasting color combination in avant-garde style

Color combinations for interior design in avant-garde style

Color is the main element of interior design and decor in avant-garde style. You can mix, match, combine all different and similar color shades, creating showy and bright, cheerful and modern home interiors.

The avant-garde style calls for simple, natural and solid colors: red, black, yellow, green, blue, white, brown, gray. They can be skillfully combined to build modern interiors with strong color contrasts. Painting each wall a different color or adding a unique furniture piece in bold color are wonderful interior design and decorating ideas in avant-garde style.

unique fireplace wall design
Unique fireplace wall design, modern interior in avant-garde style

Decorating materials

Modern home furnishings in avant-garde style can be made of any materials, but advanced and new decorating materials, like fiberglass, decorative plaster, metallic wallpaper, unusual ceiling materials, new interior paint and wall coverings, look especially spectacular and appropriate for modern interior design in avant-garde-style.

Colorful kitchen design in avant-garde style

Room furniture in avant-garde style

Room furniture should support your interior design and decorating experiments. Strictly geometric forms with clear lines and simple details are perfect for interior decorating in avant-garde style. Glass, metal and wood furniture in interesting shapes and with unique character definite interior design in avant-garde style. Beds, hanging from the ceiling or a low bed located directly on the raised floor  are great for modern home interiors in avant-garde decorating style.

Avant-garde style in interior decorating, Stool Remida from Zanotta

Interior decorating ideas influenced by design style Modern

A classic combination of a sofa and two chairs is not suitable for modern interior design in avant-garde style. The interior should look new, different, fresh and original. Room decor in avant-garde style creates interesting, but free of clutter, spacious and airy living spaces.

Colorful living room design in avant-garde style, red wall and green furniture

Floor and ceiling designs in avant-garde-style

Ceiling designs in avant-garde style features contemporary halogen lamps or chandeliers in unusual cubic forms. New, innovative and surprising lighting fixtures are excellent choices for creating modern interior design in avant-garde style.

Wood floor and laminate materials, combined with geometric decorations patterns on floor rugs create a vivid look and emphasize the avant-garde decorating style.

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Decorating in avant-garde style

Large items and basic geometric form, – square, circle, triangles, are important.  These simple shapes can adorn walls, furniture and be present on wall paintings and decor items. Contemporary artworks, glass and metal sculptures, artistic compositions, wall paintings in cubism style,  bright tableware, glass vases in regular geometric shapes are gorgeous decor accessories that enhance modern interior design in avant-garde style.

Low bed design on a raised floor, strong color contrasts and unusual wall design, modern bedroom design in avant-garde style

The avant-garde style is a bold experiment in modern interior design and decorating, so let your imagination run wild and use it for creating very personal, original and unusual room decor.

  Posted: 02.12.2013 by Decor4all