Techno Interior Design Style, Contemporary Room Decorating Ideas

white and red interior decorating colors for the room in techno style

Techno style is a modern interior decorating style that celebrates contemporary technologies, new materials and innovations. Techno interior design style is about bright room decorating ideas popular in 1980s, cool atmosphere and elegant, sleek lines, typical for a contemporary interior decorating style.


Born in 1980s techno interior design and decorating style brought a fresh look at industrialization and technical progress, beloved by fans of constructivism. The quick development of new technologies and the way it influence everyday life changed modern interior design, bringing functional high tech room decorating ideas into modern homes.

Techno style is elegant and esthetically appealing.  The balance of artistic room decorating ideas and modern interior design solutions, inspired by contemporary technologies creates techno interior design style which is impressive, but not always practical. Geometric forms and light, visually disappearing interior design ideas, that bring glass and reflected light into room decorating, look intriguing and attractive at night with bright glass windows in metal frames.

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Bold colors are combined with transparent materials and cool colors of glass, steel and aluminum, straight geometric lines of open roof beams, spiral stairs and rough wall surfaces of brick or stone make modern interior design in techno style feel complex and interesting, but cool and futuristic.

Interior design and decorating ideas and inspirations in techno style

All technological details and architectural elements, open pipes and cables become unique room decorating ideas that are inspired by contemporary simplicity techno interior decorating ideas.

Techno interior design style materials

Techno interior design style calls for simple natural and contemporary room decorating materials, like glass, stone, brick, concrete, metal and plastic, that can be softened with light wood and wood materials. Man-made fabrics in bold or neutral colors with abstract patterns or stylized designs add an artistic touch to room decorating ideas in techno style.

Interior decorating colors for techno style

Techno interior decorating style requires the use of dark and light gray color shades, grayish white and light cool blue tones, dark brown and deep red colors, grayish orange tones and bluish green colors, metallic tones and latest bold and trendy interior decorating color hues that add stylish accents to room decorating ideas in techno style.

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Modern techno interior design style is a creative blend of minimalist contemporary interior design ideas and high tech appliances. Free of stereotypes, techno interior decorating style combines simple natural and contemporary room decorating materials, classic neutral and modern bold interior decorating color tones.

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Unique interior decorating ideas that add eclectic charm to home decor with beautifully crafted furniture and lighting fixture designs work well with simple ottomans without legs and plastic chairs that bring elegance, functionality and spacious interior design, creating contemporary home interiors.

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