10 Steps to Modern Interior Decor in Pop Art Style

blue and yellow room decorating color combination

Interior decor ideas in pop art style look unique, extraordinary and bold. Pop art style is one of the most humorous, provocative and amusing interior decorating style, popular among young and bohemian artists and designers and perfect for decorating beauty salons and design studios. People who appreciate home interior decor in pop art style are bright, creative and original. Often devotees of pop art is young and creative and bohemian who are not afraid of change and has a keen sense of humor.


Pop art is universally recognized interior decorating style. It was born in the rebellious 60s as a symbol of manifestation of freedom in all aspects. Andy Warhol, an American artist, was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. Pop art influenced interior decorating ideas, creating the pop art style, which was exploring the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement that flourished at that time.

There are few modern interior decorating ideas that are inspired by the pop art style, excellent for creating your home interior decor with unique and bold flavor of the colorful, playful and entertaining pop art style.

Interior decorating ideas in pop art style

pop art style interior decor ideas
Pop art style interior decor ideas

1. Bright interior decorating colors

Modern interior decor in pop art style calls for vivid accents and wall paint colors, combined with monochromatic black and white decorating ideas. A room with two walls painted bright colors, the third wall painted white and the forth painted black and decorated with bright prints and collages are a great example of interior decor in pop art style.

2.Prints and images

Interior decorating in pop art style uses famous people pictures, brand logos, prints from comics and pretty images for adding unique accents and create very personal design. Repetition of the same image, interior decorating with chronological images and mixing theme with other attractive images are simple and creative interior decor ideas for pop art style.

green and red colors for interior decorating
Green and pink-red interior decorating colors and pop art style  decor ideas

3. Neon lighting ideas

Neon lights imparts a certain environment, helping create ephemeral and abstract, unusual and modern interior decor in pop art style. Lamps with bright glossy surfaces and lamp shades, LED spotlights and a coffee table decorated in pop art style define interior decorating in pop art style with a fantastic aura and extraordinary light.

4. Repurposing and recycling ideas

Modern interior decorating ideas attractively incorporate repurposing and recycling into the transformation of the old things and creating bold and beautiful decor items of high quality. Cans instead of vases, a pile of logs instead of a chair, ordinary household objects become artworks in pop art interiors.

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Avant Garde style in interior decorating, Stool Remida from Zanotta

5. Fusion of styles

The fusion of styles is one of modern interior design trends. Neutral and vivid decorating colors, retro and contemporary prints, various decorating materials and textures create rich, expressive and dimensional compositions, emphasizing interior decor in pop art style.

6. Optical illusions

Creating pleasant and captivating optical illusions and stunning lighting effects, using plastic surfaces, furniture and decor items, like mirrors, wall panels and room dividers add a fabulous and original look to interior decorating ideas in pop art style.

modern wall decoration idea
Modern wall decoration and bright room colors in pop art style

7. Simplicity of interior decor

Modern furniture and decor accents in minimalist style are an excellent choice for contemporary interior decorating in pop art style. Interesting and unusual furniture in rounded shapes and bright colors transform room decor, creating a stunning modern interior, functional and stylish, perfect for dynamic and artistic people.

Modern upholstery fabric prints, living room furnishings and designer fabrics

Minimalist interior design style, simplicity and comfort

8. Glossy textures and exciting patterns

Modern interior decorating in pop art style calls for bright and exciting decoration patterns and glossy textures that create juice interior decor like in beauty and fashion magazines, blending luxy and humor, functionality and latest trends, comfort and stylish colors.

Bright decorative cushions and stripes on floor carpet, pop art style for interior decorating


Decorating with glass items, mirrors, shiny plastic surfaces and sparkling accents is a way to add pop art style to your home interiors. The furniture and decor items in pop art style look in any room, – kitchen and dining room, bedroom and living room with glass and plastic furniture look bright and extraordinary.

9. Stencils and wall paints

Bold wall paint colors can be mixed with stencil and painting designs that bring life and revive rooms, dramatically transforming interior decorating style.

Modern interior decorating in pop art style, decorative pillows and vivid room colors

10. Accents in pop art style

Pop art interior is bright, energetic, emotional and expressive. One room makeover project is a nice way to explore this interior decorating style and see if you want to select it for all rooms. Adding just few decor accents in pop art style to your existing room decor is a good idea for creating an artistic atmosphere and catchy focal points for interior decorating.

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