Bright Bedroom Wall Decoration with Modern Wallpaper

Bedroom decorating ideas should be calming and peaceful. Green and blue bedroom colors are tranquil. Pink and lilac tones look romantic. White and black are symbols of classy elegance. Modern wallpaper patterns in bright colors are great for one bedroom wall decoration. In a combination with three white walls, colorful and beautiful wallpapers create impressive, pleasant, cheerful and inviting bedroom decor.


Color therapists and researchers suggest that red colors raise heart rates and blood pressure, and blue and green bedroom decorating lower them. Research results are based on human reactions to isolated colors, not color combinations. Modern wallpaper patterns offer pleasant color combinations, and selecting beautiful wallpapers that you like and bedroom colors that you find relaxing is good for your bedroom decorating.

Bright bedroom wall decoration ideas, that include red, orange, light brown, golden and yellow tones bring energy and youthful optimism into your bedroom decor. Lavender, green and blue wallpaper patterns and soft bedroom colors, associated with water and sky, feel calming. Black and white wallpapers and paint are neutral, and work well for balancing colorful bedroom decorating ideas.

bedroom wallpaper yellow cream wall decoration stripes on walls

Select light shades of your favorite colors and find bedroom wallpaper patterns you like. Choosing calming and neutral colors help create harmonious and modern bedroom decorating ideas, that are restful to human eyes.

Light pastel violet, blue and green, combined with classy cream, black, white and gray are perfect for modern bedroom decorating ideas that are conductive to a good sleeping environment.

Black-n-white wallpapers

bedroom decorating ideas modern wallpaper wall decoration

Bedroom wallpaper in black, white and gray, one wall decoration

Modern wallpaper in purple colors

Light purple bedroom wallpaper on one wall and three white walls are interesting bedroom decorating ideas that create spacious, bright and modern interior design.

bedroom decorating ideas modern wallpaper purple pink

Cream and elegant silver gray tones, light and deep purple shades make bedroom decor feel soft, beautiful and unique. (Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic gray-purple color combination)

Bedroom wall decoration with dark purple flower wallpaper patterns, tender pink bedroom decor accessories, white walls, purple stripes and pink butterflies on bedding offer classy, palyful and romantic bedroom decorating ideas.

Striped wallpaper for interior design in eco style
Floral wallpaper patterns in soft colors

Wall decoration with blue wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper in soft colors for one wall decoration
Beautiful wallpaper, romantic vintage wallpaper-patterns

White wall paint and bedding look great with silky fabrics in light turquoise. One wall decoration with modern wallpaper in turquoise color adds beautiful color and freshness to white-blue-turquoise bedroom decor.

Pink bedroom decorating ideas

Color trends, charming pink colors for walls

Pink bedroom decorating ideas that include red-pink bedroom decor accessories and flower wallpaper patterns add romance and joy to your bedroom, creating pleasant atmosphere and modern interior design.

Based on personal taste and color preferences, one wall decoration with modern wallpaper creates striking color and texture contrasts, dramatic and unique bedroom decor that feels personal and comfortable.

  Posted: 01.09.2013 by Decor4all