Charming Scandinavian Homes, the Essence of Scandinavian Interior Style

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Scandinavian homes look modern, comfortable, functional, and light. Scandinavian interior style, colors, and furniture design feel relaxing, charming and welcoming. White color and light, functionality and elegant simplicity, optimism and coziness, natural materials, unique room decorating accessories and comfortable furniture design is the essence of Scandinavian interior style.


Scandinavian house and interior design styles reflect certain restraint and reticence, typical to northern cultures. Scandinavian living and Nordic design ideas are for those who are not in a hurry. Scandinavian interior design represents comfortable, quiet and pleasant life, where everything has its time and place.

Scandinavian homes are about light and white color, practical and comfortable furniture design, and functional and cozy room decor accessories. The scandinavian interior design style is about good home organization, airy room design and efficient usage of available space without empty corners.

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Scandinavian interior style

Scandinavian designs hide all small items and house accessories in simple cabinets, closets and wall niches, creating breezy, inviting and modern Scandinavian homes.

Light and low furniture, simple lines, logical forms and a fireplace or stove are symbols of Scandinavian house design. Nothing obstructs free traffic flow around the room, creating spacious and enjoyable Scandinavian homes.

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Windows without curtains provide a lot of light, creating optimistic interior design style. Light sheer curtains add more beauty and comfort to bright Scandinavian house interiors, allowing  sunlight to play on white walls. (Window treatments, modern blinds for inclined roof windows)

Light colors, open interior design and spacious room decorating ideas compliment Scandinavian homes, bringing bright sunlight into rooms that highlights room decor accessories and makes home interiors feel interesting and cheerful.

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Bright and unusual Scandinavian house accessories add a unique flavor and positive mood to Nordic design style. Few unusual room decor accessories naturally complement interior design. Scandinavian interior design style pays attention to detail, bringing wisely chosen room decor accessories that emphasize Scandinavian house beauty and make room design feel brighter, more energetic and optimistic.

Scandinavian designs bring natural materials and relaxing room colors into modern homes. Beautiful natural stone, glass and wood, birch, spruce and pine, are excellent for Scandinavian interior design style. Wood varnish or stain allow to enjoy the natural beauty of wood.

Bathroom decorating, nature inspired brown-green color combination

Swedish design offers attractive and light Scandinavian house interiors with wooden window frames and wooden floors in light natural colors. Scandinavian interior design style incorporates stone and brick walls that add a surprising details into room design.

Scandinavian interior design style brings glass elements, iron forging, bright plastic, wicker furniture and lamp shades into modern homes. Natural room decorating materials, like flax, cotton and wool, are popular for decorating Scandinavian homes.

All textiles, blankets, rugs, pillows, towels, are designed to add more color to neutral in Scandinavian interior design and rescue from depression.  Bright stripes of Nordic design and ethnic patterns create brighter environment and more colorful room decor.

Natural wood tones, light shades, especially white and blue, complemented by elegant gray, grass green, deep turquoise, sunny yellow, comfortable beige, cozy terracotta and warm red make distinct, light and bright Scandinavian interiors look charming and pleasant.

Elegant French home interior, light gray and white room decorating ideas
Country decorating with gray, white and pink-red colors

Scandinavian interiors, room decor accessories

-plants and flowers

Potted plants and flowers in vases bring life to Scandinavian interior design, beautifully decorating empty windows and corners. Flowers and plants in white pots, glass vases or tin buckets are typical Scandinavian house decoration.

-wall decoration

Wall clocks, pop art, black and white photography, painting, graphics and attractive pictures dramatically transform light walls, adding unique character to room design.

Bright bedroom wall decoration with modern wallpaper
10 modern simple wall decoration ideas with fabric

Bright wallpaper design on one wall is another room decor element that presents modern Scandinavian interior design.

Bedroom wallpaper in black, white and gray, one wall decoration
Bedroom wallpaper in soft colors for one wall decoration

-glass and ceramics

Scandinavian ceramics and glass decor, large and small candle holders, stylish vases, various table lamps and floor lamps with modern lampshades bring more light to northern homes. (ARCO floor lamps, room decorating ideas)

Natural and artificial light is an important element of Nordic design. Huge floor mirrors are popular room decor accessories that make Scandinavian homes lighter and brighter.


Scandinavian interiors surprise with antique furniture and room decor accessories, – grandfather’s clock or antique chest, that connect generations and add sentimental touches to modern interior design.

Simple, carefully selected room decor accessories and Scandinavian furniture items help to create functional Scandinavian interior and comfortable light room decor. Start with white paint, natural fabrics, Scandinavian furniture and house accessories, and transform your home interiors, using Scandinavian interior design and decorating ideas into spacious, bright and comfortable home.

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