Darth Vader Table Lamp, Unique Lighting Design, Star Wars Decorating Theme

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Darth Vader Table Lamp is inspired by one of popular decorating theme. Darth Vader is still one of the most feared villains in the history of movie making. Darth Vader Table Lamp will bring this imposing figure into room decorating, adding a unique decorative accent to any home decor ideas.


It’s made by artist Zairy Zin, using selective laser 3d printing technology. The lighting fixture is a detailed version of Vader’s trademark helmet. Thousands of tiny holes in it let the light shine through, creating bright and unique lighting fixture.

The table lamp with the unique lampshade and metal base is designed for a table decoration and measures about 5 inches across. Amazing, impressive and unique lighting design make an excellent gift that Star Wars fans will appreciate. Neutral white color makes this table lamp perfect for any room decorating.

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unique lighting fixturesDarth Vader Table Lamp, unique lighting fixtures for room decorating

This unique lighting fixture is an excellent decorative accent for adding Star Wars decorating theme, creating an adventurous mood and adding a mysterious flavor to room decor.

The white Darth Vader Table Lamp is a limited edition production and is available from etsy.com for dale at $585 US. This unique lighting fixture looks like an art work and will decorate your home in exclusive style.

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