Country Decorating with Gray, White and Pink-Red Colors

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Interior designers from Maison du Monde presented a warm and playful, colorful and relaxing, vintage interior trend for spring decorating. French country style inspired, Storage Chest color trend offers bright white-red color schemes and beautiful light gray, white, red and pink stripes, polka dot or floral fabrics patterns for comfortable and festive room decorating ideas in spring and summer. (7 purple-pink interior color schemes for spring decorating)


Natural wood, stone, metal, ceramics, glass room decorating accessories and natural fabrics are perfect  materials and items for country style homes. Modern white and pink-red color schemes, offered for spring decorating, feel exciting and help express the beauty of simple and charming country home decorations. (Summer Flower interior trend and color combination)

There are many different ideas that can be used for country decorating style. Home accessories and room decorating color schemes, that share the country living theme, can be combined for creating attractive and unique country style homes. If you appreciate lovely country home decorations that feel warm and inviting, then country style decorating ideas are a great choice for your home.

country style decorating floral polka dot patterns
Floral, polka dot and striped fabrics patterns for modern country style decorating

Vintage home decorating ideas will add charm and nostalgic flavor to your country home decorations. They remind that your family has a history, creating connection between generations. (Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns)

Fresh country style decorating ideas are about using fewer home furnishings and creating airier and more spacious rooms. Beautiful vintage pieces, carefully chosen and combined with modern items and room decorating ideas, make country style decorating functional, comfortable and pleasant.

Bold purple-red and pink-red colors, – trendy honeysuckle pink and red wine hues, – combined with white cream, light gray and beige tones, create stylish room decorating without chasing modern interior trends. (5 modern interior trends, themes and color schemes for spring decorating)

Red color scheme

red colors interior trends country style decorating

Few dramatic accessories, like bright country style curtains, floral cushions or wicker baskets decorated with striped fabric, infuse your room decorating ideas with personality and country living charm. Clever and attractive, modern decorating in country style is a attractive option, if you like delicious white cream and strawberry pink-red colors and prefer warm room decorating ideas.

Modern gray, white and pink red colors, country style decorating

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Storage Chest interior trend offers simple storage solutions and pleasant room decorating ideas that celebrate casual and eco friendly country cottage lifestyle. Floral fabrics and easy to make designs, natural wood and bright white-red color schemes, comfortable country furniture and simple fabrics patterns are elements of country style decorating.

Sheer curtains and light window treatment ideas, that allow plenty of natural light into your country style home, tiles or wooden floor, beautiful area rugs (Sculptured contemporary rugs, floor decor ideas) and wrought iron decorations are charming ideas for country style decorating.

Light gray and white colors, light country style curtains and fewer home furnishings create a breezy country cottage look. Charming pink-red colors add romantic and joyful accents to country cottage decorating ideas. (Color trends, charming pink paint colors for walls)

Milk, caramel, coffee with cream, strawberry, French baguette and pastries are your color inspirations for making your country style home beautiful, inviting and pleasant.

Vintage decorating ideas, lace, embroidery and ribbons, elegant stripes, playful polka dot and floral patterns, combined with natural materials, like cotton, linen, burlap, unbleached calico, felt, wood, metal, wicker, ceramic and glass offer simple, healthy and attractive room decorating ideas for modern homes. (10 modern simple wall decoration ideas with fabric)

Weather you decorate your country cottage or want to make your apartment look comfortable and welcoming, fresh country style decorating ideas and modern pink-red color schemes help create a casual and relaxing, but stylish and elegant atmosphere.

  Posted: 01.09.2013 by Decor4all