Diy Backyard Ideas, Inspiring and Simple Water Fountain Designs

green bush and garden fountain design is one of creative backyard ideas

Simple water fountains are wonderful diy backyard ideas that bring life and motion to front yard and garden designs. Water fountains attract more birds and create soothing sound track that transforms your backyard or garden into a peaceful retreat. To give your water fountains more presence, you can creatively decorate small outdoor fountains, using nature inspired design ideas and making your backyard landscaping ideas look bright and attractive.


Natural decorating theme calls for beautiful miniature garden designs around outdoor fountains, ideal yard decorations which can be created with natural or recycled materials, your favorite grasses, fleshy succulents and showy flowers. Nature inspired diy projects look  simple, but spectacular and balanced, adding more color and texture to your garden, front yard or backyard landscaping ideas and creating harmonious and inviting garden, front yard and backyard designs.

Glazed pots or terra cotta plant pots, barrels, bowls, basins and buckets, natural stones, beach pebbles or gravel, combined with recirculating pumps, create unique and beautiful garden fountains and backyard or front yard decorations for modern homes. A shallow bowl that nests snugly inside the larger pot, creates  the wonderful sound of running water in a fountain. Cooling and soothing water fountains are simple and inexpensive diy projects, that brighten up your garden, front yard or backyard landscaping ideas, bringing elegant yard decorations that create peaceful mood, celebrating the nature inspired decorating theme. (Nature inspired 3 color schemes for living room furnishings)

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Small water fountains are perfectly simple and impressive garden water features that celebrate natural decorating theme. Outdoor fountains vary in styles and shapes, adding exotic flavor of Japanese garden with tsukubai outdoor fountain or elegance of classic garden fountain design, more light with a solar fountain or magic of floating outdoor fountains to your backyard ideas.

Outdoor fountains make unique pathway or patio focal points. A stone fountain, surrounded by a flower bed, adds more interest to a simple gravel path. Beautiful flowers that surround outdoor fountains bring colorful accents to gray and green backyard landscaping ideas, emphasizing the natural beauty of garden designs.

Even if your backyard or garden is few meters away from a highway, you will not notice the noise it makes, enjoying the relaxing sound of your burbling water fountain. The fountain water spills from a looking antique stone urn into a large bowl or pool, creating tranquil atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and meditation.

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