Decorative Fabrics and Textiles, 3 Color Schemes for Living Room Furnishings

living room colors home furnishings color palette

Stylish living room furnishings, – modern home accessories and furniture, beautiful decorative fabrics and textiles, are important interior decorating elements that create attractive, comfortable and modern room design and pleasant atmosphere. Decorative fabrics and textiles are a great way to change interior color schemes. Decorative fabrics and textiles, – curtains, cushions, lamp shades, floor rugs and furniture upholstery in bright color can dramatically transform interior decorating design in no time.


Colorful decorative fabrics and textiles, curtains, cushions, lamp shades, furniture upholstery or fabric covers, floor rugs and throws help create fresh living room design with a splash of modern color and texture. Decorative fabrics and textiles in bright colors can change interior color schemes and create exciting interior decor with existing living room furnishings and room paint colors, bringing an inspiring decorating theme into your home.

Neutral and lacking interest living room design will look impressive and bright, improving your mood and celebrating the beauty of nature inspired interior colors and decorating themes, turning your living room into a pleasant retreat. Three inspiring living room designs will help select living room furnishings, – window curtains, decorative pillows, lamp shades, small room decor accessories and floor rugs for your home and enjoy beautiful themes, interior color schemes and personal decorating ideas in spring, summer, fall and winter.

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3 decorating themes and color schemes for living room interiors

color schemes room paint living room furnishings

Room decorating theme and color scheme, inspired by summer Grass Field with Pink Flowers

Natural room decor accessories and decorative fabrics, wooden furniture and modern interior decorating color scheme, inspired by green grass and blooming pink flowers are great for eco friendly interior design style.

yellow green pink color palette summer decorating

Bright decorative pillows in bold pink colors and white cream accessories emphasize relaxing and fresh green colors of living room furniture, bringing beautiful, spacious and rejuvenating decorating theme into living room design.

living room furnishings green pink color scheme

Soft citrus yellow  and light green colors interweave in decorative fabrics and textiles patterns, blending warm yellow tones with relaxing green colors for creating peaceful and relaxing interior decorating design.

Light wooden tones of furniture, made of pine or beech and light decorative fabrics are ideal for nature inspired room decorating theme and pink-white-yellow-green interior decorating color scheme.

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Country decorating with gray, white and pink red colors

Raspberries and Whipping Cream decorating theme and color combination

Bright and sensual white cream and pink interior color scheme is excellent for spring and summer living room furnishings.

Feminine and romantic cream and pink interior decorating color scheme is perfect for festive and dynamic interior design ideas.

Decorative fabrics in white and gray colors add elegance to tasty room decorating theme, inspired by raspberries.

Cheerful and optimistic interior decorating theme brings dynamic stripes and beautiful decorative fabrics, curtains, decorative pillows and floor rugs into room decor.

Window curtains, decorative pillows and floor rugs in rich and juicy raspberry pink colors create impressive room interior decorating scheme with furniture upholstery and room decor accessories in white cream colors.

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Waterfall Oasis decorating theme and room colors

Classic and elegant color combination of cool light blue tones, sand and brown look fresh and comfortable, offering rest in Waterfall Oasis.

Curtains, decorative pillows and small room decor accessories in sky blue and light turquoise colors feel the room with fresh air and water mist.

Light turquoise colors add interest to neutral room decorating, creating beautiful interior decorating color scheme, inspired by waterfall water, sand and rocks decorating theme.

Wooden, mirrored and upholstered furniture in different styles, mirror and painting frames made of light wood, floor decor and sheer curtains are united by cozy brown colors.

Sky blue throw and room paint colors, combined with turquoise color tones create pleasant room color palette, inspired by stunning beauty of waterfall oasis.

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