Heather Flower Arrangements, Colorful Table Centerpiece Ideas

purple heather flower arrangement designs with butterflies

Beautiful white or purple-pink heather flower arrangements make wonderful home decorations and inspire gorgeous table centerpiece ideas that add the simplicity, elegance and unique Scotish flavor to your home decor. Heather flowers come in light pink, lavender, magenta, amethyst, deep purple and red colors, adding pleasant color accents to flower arrangements designs. Rare heather plants with small flowers in copper, gold, silver gray and all shades of green colors look gorgeous, offering unusual, soft and tender table centerpiece ideas.


Traditional white or purple-pink flowers of heather emerge in late summer and early autumn, which makes blooming heather plants perfect for creating elegant heather flower arrangements designs for fall holidays, like thanksgiving table decorating, wedding, birthday and all special events in autumn. White heather flower arrangements and table centerpieces are regarded in Scotland as being lucky, offering meaningful and charming table centerpiece ideas with Scottish flavor.

Heather flower is seen as iconic of Scotland, where various heather plants grow widely. Sprigs of white heather plants are sold as a charm and traditionally worked into bridal flower bouquets. Heather honey is a highly valued product in moorland and heathland areas in Scotland. Formerly heather plant was used to dye wool yellow and to tan leather. Today heather plant is used for making kilts fabrics and Scottish decorations.

Heather flower centerpieces and table decorations

Heather plants are the most often mentioned plants in the world literature. Heather plant is one of Scotland’s most prolific and abundant plants that are great for stylish, elegant and charming flower arrangements designs. People in Mongolia fumigate utensils and children’s cradles with heather for attracting good luck and health. Heather flowers are a traditional remedy in Swedish herbal medicine. Heather flower is the national flower of Norway, used for elegant table centerpiece ideas and home decorations.

Heather flower colors, from white or purple-pink ro light pink, lavender, magenta, amethyst, deep purple and red offer various flower arrangements designs to match any interior decorating color scheme and style. Heather plants with small flowers in copper, gold, silvery gray and all shades of green colors, added to roses, carnations, lilies, alstromaria, gerbera daisies, delphinium or mums, make flower arrangements designs more interesting, emphasizing the beauty of fresh flower bouquets.

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According to ancient books, heather flower arrangements and designs with heather plants bring luck and protection to people who were born between September, 23 and October, 3. Heather flower arrangements that include white, green, purple-pink, light pink, lavender, magenta, amethyst, deep purple and red flowers, are a spectacular way to add warmth and Scottish or Scandinavian county style accents to your home decor.

Heather flower arrangements designs

Heather flower arrangements designs, presented by professional florists, are impressive, stylish and inspiring. Bright and simple, elegant and unique, heather flower arrangements, table decorations and door wreaths in copper, gold, silver gray and all shades of green colors look wonderful, fresh and inviting, bringing Scottish and Scandinavian country home charm into modern interior design.

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