Inspiring Old House Renovation and Creative Interior Decorating Ideas by Gaby Dellal

brick wall and vintage furniture

Beautiful house renovation transforms spaces into stylish contemporary loft.  house renovations. Very creative home decorating ideas and unorthodox approach to interior design, blended with style and taste created amazing modern interiors that are interesting and impressive.


A large four story London townhouse looks contemporary and stylish now.  untouched for sixty years, this can be either very frightening or, in the case of our friend, completely exhilarating. The old house redesign and decorating project by a creative film director Gaby Dellal deserves your attention and admiration.

Modern interiors are inspired by memories and avoid to produce a too perfect look. Various textures and interior design colors are elegantly mixed in this contemporary loft-like design, creating bright and cheerful living spaces.

Original and modern interior decorating ideas

contemporary loft living spaces
Old house redesign into contemporary loft-like living spaces

I found the yellow mid-century yellow table and moved it into the pink room, Dellal says. I was not concerned about their matching, I knew I could make it work.

Green and yellow glass in the sidelight looks perfect in her new kitchen. The kitchen island was designed to be a bookshelf, with a set of zinc-faced drawers that add contrast to the wood cabinets.

brick wall and vintage furniture
Original brick wall design spiced up with vintage furniture and red color accents

Vintage furniture and decor accessories are combined with unconventional interior decorating ideas into stylish and one-of-a-kind rooms. Creative bathtub on wooden legs and neon lights used for fireplace wall decorations look unusual, interesting and original.

vintage furniture and decor accessories

  Posted: 03.03.2013 by Decor4all