Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Modernism into Home Interiors

desk and chair design in modern style

Interior decorating in Modern style creates pleasant, soft, elegant and quiet home interiors with uncluttered, streamlined, sleek and open spaces and charming floral designs. If you like calming pastel color schemes, comfortable furniture and classy decor, then you probably love modernism and a unique atmosphere this interior design style creates in the house.


The Modern style has its roots in the Bauhaus school with its emphasis on angular lines, elegant luxury and lack of ornamentation. The Modern style was influenced by interior decorating ideas in Scandinavian style which stressed minimalism, practicality, light color schemes, simple and functional forms. French interior decorating in Art Nouveau style brings organic interior decorating ideas and artistic designs into room decor in Modern style.

The concept of modernism would be a central theme in the effort to create relaxing, elegant and peaceful interior decorating. Gaining popularity after the Second World War, architectural modernism was adopted by many architects and continues as a dominant architectural style for institutional and corporate buildings into the 21st century.

Interior decorating in Modern style

dining room decorating in modern style
Unique furniture and ceiling designs in Modern style, artworks and carved wood furniture pieces combined with sleek surfaces and light interior decorating color scheme

Modernism generated reactions, Postmodernism which sought to preserve pre-modern elements, while Neo Modernism emerged as a reaction to Postmodernism.

The Modern style calls for neutral and tranquil interior decorating ideas. Soft and light pastel colors and neutral color schemes are combined with sleek and smooth finishes, glass and low furniture.

floral wallpaper in green and purple colors for home decorating in modern style
Beautiful floral wallpaper pattern in green and purple colors for pleasant interior decorating in Modern style

Large windows with attractive views invite lots of day light into rooms in Modern style, creating airy interior decorating. Comfortable and simple furniture and decor in Modern style are not too expensive and make room decor feel inviting and familiar.

Art Nouveau interior decorating style, beautiful room decor ideas

Art Nouveau decor, modern living room decorating ideas in Art Nouveau style

The Modern style allows creative interior decorating ideas. Modernism shows some imagination and you can arrange inexpensive furniture and decor accessories to emphasize comfort and beauty of your home, enhancing the family, friends and communication theme of the modern style.

fireplace and ceiling designs in modern style
Fireplace and ceiling designs in Modern style, living room decorating ideas bringing modernism into living space and creating unique home interiors

Adding unique furniture and decor accessories that look like artworks and bringing classy wallpaper patterns, mosaic tiles and relaxing home decorating fabrics are beautiful interior decorating ideas that celebrate the comfort, attractive look and personality of the Modern style.

Table lamp with leaf pattern, interior decorating in Modern style

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