Knitting and Handmade Home Furnishings by Melanie Porter

knitted lamp shades

Knits and knitted home furnishings, like lamp shades, decorative pillows, blankets, furniture covers and floor rugs, are one of modern trends in decorating that has the power to stay. Designers reinvented knitting crafts, rediscovered the value of unique home furnishings that bring warmth of handmade decor accessories into modern homes.


British designer Melanie Porter is known around the world for her ability to create unique textured knit fabrics that is handmade and felted for creating beautiful material for interior decorating and designing modern home furnishings.

The designer uses many of the skills that are traditionally connected to fashion and clothing manufacture in her work, offering high-quality, original and exclusive works, fabulous home furnishings with every detail finished by hand.

Knitted decor ideas

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knitted chair covers
British designer Melanie Porter, knitting chair covers

Ancient crafts blend classical home decorations and techniques with contemporary interior decorating ideas, offering innovative and fresh designs for modern home furnishings.

The designer work with large knitting needles , that are heavy and unwieldy to use, but allow to knit with various types of materials, like nautical rope or felted yarn. Experimenting with different techniques makes helped her to discover a new method, that although very labor intensive, gives an amazing combination of soft, chunky and robust finish.

knitted lamp shades for dining room decorating
Knitted lamp shades for unique dining room decorating

Most of knitted home furnishings, lamp shades, decorative pillows, blankets, furniture covers and floor rugs, are exquisite designs, which give great inspirations for knitting your own home furnishings and add a personal touch and favorite colors to your creative interior decorating.

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