Art Nouveau Decorating Style, Beautiful Room Decor Ideas

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Art Nouveau style is about stylized natural plants and flower motifs, organic room decor ideas, stylish furniture design and architecture inspired by design and interior decorating in classic style. Art Nouveau style requires artists to work at everything from interior architecture to furniture and room decor accessories, bringing art into ordinary life and creating wonderful and harmonious home interiors.


Art Nouveau style is about art, creativity and artistic interpretations, experimenting with classy interior decorating colors and finding fresh room decor ideas, inspired by birds, plants and flowers, that add classic accents and charming elegance to Art Nouveau decor with curvy lines and pleasant motifs.

Art Nouveau decor ideas impress with soft, curvy lines that are combined with vertical straight lines, offering unique, beautiful Art Nouveau furniture and interior decorating ideas. Stylized flowers and buds, leaves and branches, roots and tree trunks on Art Nouveau-style wallpaper, furniture and room decor accessories create a luxurious, soft and pleasant interior decorating style.

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Exotic wood and marquetry, silver and glass, semi-precious stones and beautiful textiles create chic room decor in a creative combination with attractive Art Nouveau wallpaper patterns and luxurious Art Nouveau furniture design.

Varnished or stained parquet floors, beautiful stylized wallpaper patterns or soft white wall paint, high back chairs made of glossy black wood, stylish floral fabrics and luxurious area rugs create a palace-like room decor ideas, offering artistic charm of Art Nouveau interior decorating style.

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Art Nouveau-style interior decorating colors

Muted interior design colors from green colors palette – olive green, sage green, mustard, deep golden, white, black, dark and light brown colors, are blended with lilac, violet, deep purple colors and bright blue shades.

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Art Nouveau decor accessories

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Beautiful flowers and peacock feathers, silver, pewter and glass room decor accessories, bronze and metal lighting fixtures and door handles are elements of stunning Art Nouveau decorating style.

Stained glass panels for decorating doors with leaves and flowers, made from pearly enamels and semi-precious stones, are perfect room decorating ideas for Art Nouveau style.

Modern interior decorating fabrics

Natural woven upholstery fabric and textiles with organic lines and fluid pattern designs are typical for Art Nouveau’s home decorating style.

Soft, thick and comfortable wool, cotton and linen couture fabrics compliment the beauty of attractive furniture design and light room decor ideas, bringing more light into house decorating.

Art Nouveau home decorating fabrics in rich, deep greens, yellow, oranges and brown colors offer natural tones for nature-inspired room decorating ideas with intricate designs, flowing lines and wave-like contours.

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