Making Fall Leaves of Paper, Festive Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall decorating ideas add unique charming accents to room decor, bringing beautiful fall leaf colors and unique shapes into home interiors. Eco friendly fall craft ideas that use natural materials, leaves, fall flowers, tree branches, dried grass, berries, glass and wooden beads, pine cones and small rocks make excellent, healthy and cheap fall decorations for eco friendly modern homes.


Fall craft ideas help bring beautiful fall foliage designs into home interiors, decorating rooms in bright color palette. Rich yellow color tones, burnt orange shades and festive red colors can be used for fall decorating ideas, creating warm and welcoming fall home decor.

Nature inspired fall craft ideas, made of used clothes and old paper help recycle useless items that clutter modern homes, creating personal and artistic festive fall decorations that add warmth and cosiness to interior decorating. Old magazine pages provide wonderful material for making fall crafts and decorating your home interiors in style.

Fall craft ideas with paper and falling leaves

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fall decorating ideas homemade wall decorations

Homemade fall decorations are a cheap and creative way to interpret amazing changes that you see from your window in fall.

Get some inspiration, looking at your yard, notice fall foliage color tones, textures and leaf images and use them for beautiful, warm and festive fall decorating ideas.

fall decorating ideas homemade decorations paper recycling

Collect some beautiful leaves from outside, place them between two pieces of plastic or glass, tuck them into the inside of a picture frame or create fall decorations, inspired by designer works, creating interesting and charming fall decorating ideas for your home.

fall decorating ideas recycling paper falling leaves

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Frame and hang colorful leaves on walls or use them for making festive table centerpieces and fall decorations for windows and doors, bringing a true symbol of fall into your home for creating bright and peaceful atmosphere that help to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Fall leaf colors and inspired by bright foliage decorating ideas for fall are great for those who like creative do it yourself decorating projects and support recycling and green design ideas.

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Fall decorations made of colorful leaves are inspiring and impressive, offering organic fall decorating ideas that make home interiors look eco friendly and attractive. You can transform your home into a beautiful, connected to nature retreat without spending money.

Beautiful and simple fall craft ideas and easy to make do it yourself fall decorations that use dried leaves and old magazines.

Fall decorations made of natural and artificial leaves

Two more fall craft ideas, – unusual and festive leaf garland with letters and falling leaves decoration, – offer creative fall decorations that can be made of natural or artificial (or colorful combination of natural and artificial) leaves to add an artistic touch to your fall home decorating ideas.

Use your creativity, add a personal touch, create beautiful fall inspired designs for your room decor that improves mood and bring more joy into your life this fall.

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