Creative Bedding Sets Bringing Dream Themes into Kids Bedroom Decorating

boys bedding set

These creative bedding sets  bring wonderful dream themes into kids bedroom decorating and send children off to dreams in style. Dressed for the adventure kids fall asleep happy, making parents life a bit easier too. Astronaut and princess bedding sets from Dutch company Snurk, feature photo-realistic kids costumes that help children pretend to be someone else as they relax before falling asleep.


The astronaut bedding set is intricately detailed and look very realistic. The duvet is complemented by the a pillowcase with an astronaut  helmet, filling a boy bedroom with an adventurous decorating theme at night. The child’s head fits perfectly on top of the helmet, creating the illusion that a boy is actually wearing it.

In the morning the spacesuit and helmet bedding set reminds a child to make the bed. The duvet and pillowcase with a helmet look just like a real astronaut suit, creating a nice bedroom decoration. Attractive, playful and creative bedding sets are versatile, and suitable for boys and girls bedroom decorating.

Boys and girls bedding sets

boys bedding set
Boys bedding set
bedding sets for boys bedroom decorating
Creative bedding sets for boys bedroom decorating

The princess bedding set creates a different decorating theme and gives a chance to feel dressed up like a princess. The tiara on a pillowcase looks elegant, adding charming detail to modern bedding set for girls.

A beautiful princess dress in pink color and a tiara are a perfect motivation for making the bed in the  morning. Both kids bedding sets, creative decorative pillows and playful bedding sets for adults are available for worldwide shipping from Snurk.

Princess bedding set for girls bedroom decorating
Creative bedding set for girls

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