Modern Bathrooms, Stylish Bathroom Decorating in Art Deco Style

art deco interior design style ideas bathroom decorating

Modern bathrooms in art deco style bring impressive and glamorous bathroom decorating ideas, fantasies, excitement and elegance of classy white and black colors into homes. Art deco style blends retro interior design with contemporary materials, modern technology with old traditions, architectural inspiration with creative jewelry design ideas.


Modern bathrooms design trend uses black and white color combination, simple lines and unique curves, that make bathroom decorating ideas look stylish, sleek and elegant. Chrome and gold, glass and wood, crystals and stone are combined in modern bathrooms, inspired by artistic and decorative interior design style of 1930s.

Made of exotic wood, black lacquered wooden furniture and bathroom decorating accessories add glamor and chic to unique home interiors. Rosewood, maple, bamboo and ebony bring beautiful elements of ethnic interior design styles into modern bathroom decorating.

Bathroom decorating ideas, inspired by 1930s

art deco ideas for bathroom decorating modern bathrooms

Minimalist art deco style uses simple bathroom decorating ideas, unique furnishings that look like art works and black and white color combination.

Brown and gray, deep blue, purple and red or stylish bright green, pink or turquoise accents are used to create drama and impress.

art deco ideas for bathroom decorating modern bathrooms

Bathroom decorating ideas in art deco style are associated with sleek surfaces and simple furniture and accessories form.

Masculine bathroom decorating ideas, gray, black and white decorating colors
Bathroom decorating ideas, brown-green color combination

Unique textures of leather, metal, glass, stone and wood add more interest and ethnic character to bright  modern bathrooms in art deco style.

Shiny nickel, chrome, silver and golden accents bring more light, glamorous shine and luxury to artistic and very decorative bathrooms design in impressive 1930s style.

Marble flooring, black and white ceramic tiles, checkered patterns and beautiful rugs with geometric designs are typical for bathroom decorating ideas, inspired by 1930s art movement.

Artistic and creative bathroom decorating accessories, like large mirrors, candle holders and shelves, have unique impressive forms.

Stylish bathroom decorating ideas, soft pink walls
Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic gray-purple colors

Nickel, chrome, silver and golden finishes, bronze, crystals and pearl beads make bathroom decorating ideas in art deco style look striking, exclusive and luxurious.

Art deco is one of modern bathrooms interior design trends. Art deco bathroom decorating ideas are about beauty of materials, simplicity of traditional bathrooms design, elegance and luxury of retro furniture, contemporary optimism and impressive form, that celebrate creativity.

Modern bathroom interior design styles

Charming bathroom decor, Old World bathroom decorating ideas
Contemporary bathroom cabinets, bright purple and pink

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