bathroom colors

white and blue bathroom colors and nautical decor theme

There are a few modern bathroom decor ideas inspired by the ocean that blend white and blue colors with nautical decor, driftwood and sea shell crafts and images of dolphins, ocean waves, beaches, fish and sea creatures. White and light blue bathroom colors are better for…

Hotel-style bathroom decorating ideas look elegant and luxurious, and can revive a tired small room with fresh and glamorous touches, luxurious upgrades and the perfect balance of traditional with modern. Interior designer Sarah Richardson shares her secrets to giving modern bathroom decorating a chic look and…

Japanese bathroom decorating ideas are about creating pleasant environment for relaxation. A soaking tub is a main element of Japanese bathroom decorating in practical and elegant minimalist style. Japanese have enjoyed the benefits of a soaking tub for centuries. Traditionally Japanese people wash their bodies outside…

Zebra prints and decorative patterns add a fresh feel, an exotic flavor and a personalized look to modern bathroom decorating. Inspired by African wild animals zebra designs bring bold black and white color combination into modern bathrooms and make them look beautiful and interesting. Crisp black…

Bathroom decorating with flowers looks romantic, artistic and welcoming. Fresh flowers, blooming plants and artificial flower arrangements are useful bathroom accessories, that bring elegant style, unique texture, gorgeous color and comfort into your large or small bathroom design. Here is a collection of wonderful ideas for…

1950s and 60s interior design style brings bright and soft pastel colors, simple wall tiles patterns and stripes, bright and warm combination of chrome finish and wooden furniture into modern bathrooms designs, offering unique and colorful ideas for bathroom decorating.

Modern bathroom decorating ideas and art deco interior design style bring strong black and white color contrasts, geometric patterns, impressive form and luxurious materials into bathrooms design.

Antique ideas for bathroom decorating, inspired by ancient luxury and charm of Victorian interior design style, bring romance and chic accents into modern bathrooms. Chandelier, claw foot tub, soft lighting and elegant fabrics are stylish ideas for bathroom decorating.

Colorful ideas for bathroom decorating that include striped wallpaper in green and cream colors, contemporary bathroom cabinets, small wall tiles and bathroom accessories in bright purple and pink color tones create optimistic and modern contemporary bathroom design.

Stylish light pink ideas for bathroom decorating feel soft and romantic. Modern wallpaper patterns, wall paint or tile designs in pink color tones add tenderness and elegance to modern bathroom decorating.

Orange paint and bathroom accessories, combined with white, brown, blue and pink tones, offer stylish bathroom decorating color schemes for creating cheerful modern bathroom decor.

Elegant gray color schemes, functional bathroom accessories and simple decorating ideas create comfortable masculine bathroom interior that feels tranquil and relaxing.

Nature inspired white, brown and green color combination, natural materials, floral and leaves motifs and green plants are perfect ideas for eco style bathroom decorating.

Creamy white, gray and purple color combination is a perfect choice for romantic, stylish and soft bathroom decorating ideas, that include modern bathroom decor accessories, inspired by flowers decorating theme.

Light bathroom colors, mirrors, glass and light decor accessories make small bathrooms designs look more spacious and airy.