Small Bathroom Ideas, Airy Bathroom Color Schemes

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Small bathrooms designs are challenging and interesting projects. Wisely chosen small bathroom ideas, furniture, decorating materials and colors will make small spaces appear more pleasant and inviting. There are few easy tips for modern bathrooms designs and decorating ideas that visually increase small spaces.


You can select proper shapes and sizes of decorative elements and make your bathroom design look lighter and airier. Bringing more natural and artificial light into your home visually increases interior spaces also. Wall tiles and paint colors are important elements of small bathrooms designs that can create spacious bathroom decorating color schemes and dramatically transform small spaces.

Small spaces should be light to look bigger. Light bathroom colors for the ceiling and walls offer pleasant decorating color schemes and make small bathroom ideas look more spacious. Selecting light bathroom colors for decor accessories, floor, wall tiles and paint colors for the ceiling and walls are smart small bathroom ideas that work for all tastes and decor styles.

Warm and light decorating color scheme for small bathroom design

interior  colors and small bathroom ideas
Matching bathroom colors, small bathroom decorating ideas
small bathroom design and decor ideas
Light brown-pink-beige bathroom colors, small bathrooms designs

Small bathroom ideas

1. Dark floor and wall tiles, or too bright, shiny surfaces are not the best choices for small bathroom decorating. Dark floor and wall tiles, especially large tile designs, make small bathrooms designs look crowded and tiny. Shiny surfaces decrease the space size and are unpleasant to human eyes in small spaces.

2. Bathrooms are one of the most common places for home accidents. Water and humidity make surfaces slippery. Well chosen floor and wall tiles, handles, bathtub mats and anti-slip decals make bathroom design safer. Light colored decor accessories help create spacious and airy decorating color schemes.

Light and non-slip floor and wall tiles are perfect for small bathroom decorating, creating safe and comfortable, light and attractive, stylish and spacious small bathrooms designs.

blue interior design color combinations for small bathrooms
Blue-green bathroom decorating color scheme, small bathrooms designs
Floor and wall tiles, small bathroom decorating

3. Bathroom colors, the size of furniture and tiles are important factors to consider, when you want to increase your small bathroom design visually. Small bathrooms require small or very large ceramic tiles for floor and wall decoration.

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4. Often light bathroom colors are used only for the ceiling and the upper half of the wall. For a small bathroom choose pleasant light bathroom colors for the ceiling, floor, low and upper parts of the walls. Matching decor accessories, tiles and bathroom paint colors create stylish and airy small bathroom decorating color schemes and make small bathrooms designs look more comfortable.

Blue-green, turquoise and purple small bathroom decorating color scheme
Blue-green turquoise bathroom decor, space saving modern bathroom fixtures in white

5. Diagonally installed floor tiles visually increase small bathrooms designs.

6. Light shower curtains designs and decor accessories, sheer window curtains and efficient lighting fixtures make small bathrooms appear more spacious also.

7. Stretched ceiling is one of modern small bathroom ideas that help create light bathrooms designs and visually increase the dimensions. Stretched ceiling creates the illusion of a high ceiling and reflect more light, and that makes small bathroom ideas feel airy and comfortable.

8. Too bright light can be unpleasant in small spaces. Few sources of light allow to create cozy and welcoming atmosphere or bright bathrooms designs, depending on how much light is needed.

Matching color combination, purple-yellow and blue-green decorating color scheme
Yellow-blue color combination, decorating small spaces, bathrooms decor

9. A large mirror and glass walls are great ideas, that increase small spaces size. A mirror with shelves and lighting fixtures provides convenient storage, adding twice more light to small bathroom decorating.

10. Glass walls are another idea for small bathroom decorating, that helps increase small spaces size and make bathrooms designs appear light , bright ans spacious.

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