Modern Interior Trends, Decorative Fabrics

modern interior design trends home decor fabrics

Home decor fabrics, patterns, textures and colors reflect cultural traditions, modern interior design trends, people values, expectations and changing views at environment. Nature inspired patternsĀ  and rooted in old traditions, modern home decor fabrics offer functional and attractive cushions, curtain fabric patterns, comfortable upholstery fabric textures and exciting colors.


People have high standards and choose good quality, sustainable and crafty home decor fabrics. Designers learn old traditional craftsmanship skills for developing unique furniture upholstery and curtain fabric patterns and creating impressive modern decorative fabrics textures. Consumers select modern home decor fabrics which evoke positive feeling, provide more comfort and bring beauty into their homes.

People like modern home decor fabrics that look classy and stylish, and feel nostalgic, pleasant and romantic. People get attached to favorite upholstery fabric styles and charming curtain fabric patterns that are associated with certain interior design colors. (5 modern interior trends, themes and color schemes)

modern interior design trends decorative fabrics

Comfortable and practical upholstery fabric, simple home decorative fabrics for curtains and cushions bring elegance, comfort and charm of old traditions into modern interior design, creating Traditional trend, one of interior design trends 2012 in home decor fabrics.

Minimal luxury, traditional solid colors, natural and eco friendly fibers and pure designs create timeless look and offer Natural trend, one of modern interior design trends in home decorative fabrics 2012.

modern home decor fabrics cotton linen burlap

Creative combination of contemporary high-tech design trends with traditional craftsmanship, recycling old interior design ideas, mixing curtain and upholstery fabric patterns and colors present Mix trend, one of the most emotional and dynamic interior design trends 2012 in home decor fabrics.

modern home decor fabrics white gray black

Global know-how and local crafts blend innovative and modern interior design trends with unique traditional techniques.

Unconventional interior design ideas, unexpected choices for home decorative fabrics, artistic curtain or upholstery fabric patterns, expressive home decor accessories and wall decoration, made with unusual home decorative fabrics, create Artistic trend, one of the most graphic and impressive, interesting and modern interior design design trends 2012 in home decor fabrics.

Modern interior design ideas and traditional home furnishings, creativity and nostalgia, heritage and brave experiments with curtain and furniture upholstery fabric patterns and colors come together, presenting one of brightest and most surprising modern interior design trends 2012 in home decorative fabrics.

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Modern home decor fabrics 2012

1) silky home decorative fabrics for curtains and furniture design with folds,
2) traditional handmade or modern home decor fabrics with embroidery,
3) perforated fabric patterns,
4) lace fabric patterns, (Modern wall decor ideas, lace fabric and doily patterns)
5) crumpled home decor fabrics,
6) plisse decorative fabrics

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