Orange Color Shades and Modern Interior Decorating Color Combinations

orange sofa upholstery fabric and blue map on wall

Orange color shades look bright and warm, making objects appear closer and larger. Orange colors and decorating color combinations with white, gray, brown, yellow, blue and green tones are great for visual changing dimensions and balancing rooms proportions, creating cheerful and cozy modern interior decorating.


Orange color shades are perfect for creating pleasant optical illusions. Orange color shades help make spacious room feel cozier and narrow room appear square shaped. By using orange wall paint or modern wallpaper patterns in orange colors you can visually transform living spaces, expanding them and creating stylish and attractive interior decorating.

Orange color shades vary, but all interior decorating ideas that include orange colors feel optimistic and happy. Orange color shades in peach hues bring tenderness and freshness into interior decorating. Terra cotta, reddish and brownish orange colors feel cozy and relaxing. Yellow and orange color combinations look sunny and dynamic.

Interior decorating with orange colors

orange wall paint and dining chairsOrange colors with white decorating ideas, orange wall paint and dining chairs, white dining rable and wallpaper

Soft and warm orange color shades and interior decorating color combinations that include rich orange colors are excellent color design choices for bedroom, dining room and bathroom interiors. Bold orange color shades are ideal for kitchens, kids playroom or entryway designs.

Interior decorating color combinations that blend orange and brown color tones create beautiful and universally appealing terracotta shades, perfect for country home decorating or ethnic interior decorating. These wonderful orange color shades look gorgeous in oriental interiors and are work well for bedroom decorating, home office and living room designs.

blue wall paint and orange bathroom accessoriesBlue wall paint and orange bathroom accessories, blue and orange interior decorating color combination

Children playroom decorating feel very attractive and energetic with pale tangerine and yellowish orange colors. Dining room decorating and kitchen designs benefit from gorgeous pumpkin and apricot orange color shades. Interior decorating ideas that include soft yellow-orange colors and honey tones are great for any design style, attractively blending into room decor and creating sunny atmosphere.

Penthouse design and decorating with orange colors

Modern interior decorating with silver and orange colors

Orange color combinations

Some orange color shades are more energetic, and others are soothing. Bold orange colors are perfect for adding bright accents to interior decorating. Blankets and cushions, decorative vases and window curtains, floor rugs and wall decorations, bringing bright orange color into interior decorating, turn rooms ino interesting and pleasant spaces.

orange accents with green brown and white decorating ideasBrown and green colors combined with orange accents and white decorating ideas

Interior decorating color combinations that blend orange color shades with white tones are light and fresh. These decorating color combinations create airy and happy rooms. Interior decorating color combinations that mix orange colors with black and gray color tones, dark purple color shades, deep blue and turquoise look elegant, stylish and exclusive.

Reddish orange color trends in decorating modern interiors

Bathroom decorating ideas that include orange paint and orange bathroom accessories

Orange and blue interior decorating color combinations are incredibly harmonious, calming and beautiful. Orange and blue color schemes feel like a sunny day with blue skies. Orange and green color schemes feel natural and relaxing. Warm orange colors and green tones bring joy into modern interior decorating. Reminiscent of summer meadows, these color combinations are very appropriate modern kitchen design and  dining room decorating.

White and black floor rug, orange coffee table and colorful sofa pillows

Orange and gray color schemes are excellent for modern kitchen design also. Color combinations that marry orange colors with elegant gray tones add harmony to interior decorating ideas. Warm orange color shades balance gray colors, creating wonderful color combination that is sophisticated and pleasant.

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