Modern Tableware and Trends in Decorating Holiday Tables in Natural and Classy Style

white china tableware and table setting ideas

Modern trends in decorating holiday tables bring simple elegance and classy chic, blending creativity and organic feel into beautiful table setting. Casually comfortable and table setting with fine china tableware, silverware and utensils on a table blends the beauty and practical convenience, creating a welcoming and romantic atmosphere for dining.


Holiday tables that reflect old traditions and create the romantic, exciting and festive atmosphere brighten up special events and turn dining experience into an unforgettable evening. Each culture has its own ideas of what looks beautiful and elegant. The different times of the year influence table setting and tablescape design ideas, creating colorful, very different and spectacular displays with seasonal table decorations and centerpieces.

Here is a collection of beautiful table setting ideas that are classy, elegant and versatile for any your special event. China tableware in white color is suitable for holiday tables and casual dining, adding freshness and brightness to your table decoration.

Classic table decoration ideas enhance by the nature

Elegant table setting with white china and natural table decorations

Small ornaments, ethnic or classic decoration patterns, floral designs and soft color combinations add a contemporary flair and chic of the classic style to modern tableware and table decoration. White color selected for tablecloth, napkins, tableware and floral table centerpieces looks timelessly elegant, stylish and spectacular.

Soft pastel tones, especially light cool colors are modern trends in decorating holiday tables, creating gorgeous contrasts with bright holiday decor. All food looks dramatic on white plates, allowing to create impressive food presentation.

White china with nature inspired floral decoration patterns, candles centerpieces

Floral table centerpieces are the most versatile and classy ideas for holiday tables. Nature inspired table decorations can include beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables that add color, texture and fabulous look to holiday tables. Simple and natural table setting ideas create exciting and bright holiday tables without taking too much time and money.

Colorful modern tableware by Tracy Porter inspired by natural decorating themes

Elegant table decoration with white tableware, rattan placemats and green table centerpieces

Natural table centerpieces include a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, berries or seasonal vegetables. Adorned with candles, the centerpieces look very attractive, warm and welcoming.

Modern tableware in white and light blue colors

Simplicity and creativity are wonderful trends in home decorating. Great looking table decorations and centerpieces do not have to be expensive. The simple and natural table setting, combined with unusual, creative and interesting ideas, can create the most spectacular table decoration.

Beautiful table decoration and rustic themed decor ideas

45 modern ideas for eco friendly home decorating with apples

Food gives great inspirations for color design ideas and decorating themes. Select a particular concept or table decorating theme, inspired by the nature and work it out by adding edible decorations and flowers to your holiday table decor. White and light color tones are ideal for displaying colorful food and creating festive and bright holiday tables.

Modern tableware and table decoration in white and pink colors

Modern table decoration ideas are not about napkin folding. It is a fine art of decor with gracious, classy, simple and creative table decorations and centerpieces that make your tablescape colorful, but elegant, exciting, but simple, and turn your event an absolute success.

  Posted: 29.11.2013 by Decor4all