Orange Decorating Ideas for Fall, Table decoration with Chinese Lantern Plants

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Decorating ideas in fall holidays that incorporate yellow, red or orange flower arrangements look pretty, bright and festive. Chinese lantern flower arrangements are one of the most attractive choices for creating unique and meaningful Thanksgiving table decorating, Halloween or any other special event, anniversary, wedding and birthday party decor in autumn.


Orange chinese lantern flowers are famous for their novel appearance. The chinese lantern plant, physalis, is also called the winter cherry or bladder cherry, is excellent for making fall table centerpieces and decorations. Many people like to use chinese lantern flowers for arts and crafts, creating beautiful home decorating ideas for fall holidays.

Bright golden, red and orange color shades and unique blossoms that last for long periods of time when dried make chinese lantern flowers perfect for making festive Halloween or Thanksgiving table decorations. Eco friendly, inexpensive and natural fall table centerpieces can be enjoyed in winter, spring and summer also.

Orange decorating ideas for fall holidays

Orange decorating ideas for fall can include autumn leaves, apples, tomatoes and papers, combined with flower arrangements in yellow, red and orange color shades. Woven into wreaths or used in a dried orange flower bouquet, physalis plants look great with vegetables and fruits, adding interesting shapes, bright color tones and tender texture to fall table decoration.

Exotic flower centerpieces and table decorations that include physalis plants, autumn leaves, vegetables and berries look gorgeous, offering simple and eco friendly decorating ideas for fall, that are bold and meaningful.

Fall table decoration ideas in orange color

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Chinese lantern flower arrangements symbolism

Usually ripening around Halloween, the physalis plants are used not only for decorative purposes, but are also harvested for their fruits. The fruit has twice the vitamin C of lemons and resembles a yellow-red or orange cherry tomato with a sweet taste. Physalis flower arrangements in golden and red-orange colors make striking and meaningful Thanksgiving table decorations.

Chinese lantern flowers are endearing and joyful emblem of warmth. Tender orange flowers, which enfold and defend small, delicate fruits, are the symbol of protection also. Their golden yellow, red and orange orange color shades symbolize a passion for life and vitality, adding warm colors and deep meaning to Thanksgiving table decorating ideas.

Fall table decorations and centerpieces with physalis orange flowers symbolize amiability and endurance. Dried or silk orange flower arrangements make wonderful, very special gifts that can be used for fall home decorating, as a charming alternative to more common fresh flowers, blossoming in fall.

Physalis name derived from the Greek word that means bladder. Physalis, or cape gooseberry, is related to tomatoes, peppers and petunias. Bold orange flower arrangements, stunning table centerpieces and home decorations, made with these vegetables, add natural charm and warm colors to festive room decorating ideas for fall holidays.

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