13 Spooky Halloween Decoraitng Ideas Inspired by Common Superstitions

black pumpkins in witch hats

Halloween decorating ideas, black cats, bats, owls, crows and black color that is associated with darkness go together like bread and butter. In many cultures a black cat is considered unlucky, reflecting the cats ability to see at night and mysterious character of this animals. Nocturnal creatures appear in horror mystery stories, and black color symbolizes a dangerous environment, creating many superstitions, legends and fears.


Black cats, bats, owls, crows and rats are exciting Halloween decorating ideas that add true Halloween spirit to your home decor. This is a unique holiday, and Halloween decorations need to be a bit scary and mysterious instead of beautiful.

Replicas or wall stickers with images of black cats, bats, owls, crows or rats are perfect spooky Halloween decorating ideas. Scattered around the house or placed on your walls and furniture, these Halloween decorations are a great way to create an appropriate atmosphere for Halloween.

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handmade ghosts, halloween decorations
Handmade ghosts, simple and cheap Halloween decorations

It is believed that the 13th is an unlucky day. You can use this number for creative Halloween decorating also, recognizing superstitions and joking about them.

These Halloween decorations provide a good excuse for celebrating unlucky numbers, sings and animals, using creative Halloween decorations and adding more fun to Halloween home decor.

black crow wall stickers
Black crow wall stickers and spider net, spooky Halloween decorating ideas

Spooky Halloween decorations and ideas are a way to show your creativity, optimistic and fun-loving attitude, creating spooky home decor for this holiday.

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Cotton spider webs, faux skulls and bones, wall stickers and door decoration with images of black cats, bats, owls and crows are simple and spectacular Halloween decorations that save you money while creating creepy, unusual and spectacular home decor.

black cat wall sticker
Black cat wall sticker for fireplace decorating, symbolic, elegant and cheap Halloween decorations

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