25 Sea Shell Crafts and Unique Table Centerpiece Ideas

seashell table centerpiece ideas and sea shell crafts

A variety of unique and rare sea shells offers great ideas for creative sea shell crafts and table centerpiece ideas for any occasion or everyday life. Seashells are a beautiful natural material that create fabulous table decorations and centerpieces which are easy to incorporate into holiday table decor or existing kitchen and dining room decorating.


Sea shell art and crafts, seashell table decorations and centerpieces bring original and amazing home decorations to your home interiors. From place card holders and sea shell candles to unique art and crafts, seashell table decor ideas are impressive and bold, adding wonderful accents and unique flair to the beach, coastal living or nautical decor themes.

All types of sea shells are great for handmade table decorations and centerpiece ideas that personalize your kitchen and dining room decor in simple and elegant style. Here are a few easy ways to create beautiful and elegant seashell table decorations and centerpieces with this natural treasures and eco friendly decorative material.

Seashell table centerpiece ideas

Beautiful table decoration and seashell table centerpiece idea

Rare sea shells or colorful and large sea shells can decorate your holiday table and surprise guests with fabulous texture and amazing shapes. Large sea shells, combined with fresh flowers or green indoor plants are perfect table centerpiece ideas.

Unique tableware items in sea shell shapes, sea shell candle holders, decorative candles with small sea shells or seashell arrangements create great focal points for holiday table decoration in eco style.

sea shells on sandy beach
Sea shell art, crafts and inspirations for table decoration, beach decor theme
Simple and elegant seashell table decorations and centerpieces

Seasonal flowers in floral foam can be placed inside the opening of large sea shells, creating beautiful and elegant table centerpieces. Small sea shells, driftwood pieces and beach pebbles may be added to sea shell art and crafts for designing creative table decorations and centerpiece ideas.

Creative craft ideas, making home decorations with beach pebbles

Beach pebbles table decoration in white and turquoise blue colors

Eco friendly table decorations and centerpieces, driftwood craft ideas

Combining sea shells, sand and beach pebbles in glass vases create simply beautiful table decorations and centerpieces. Sea shell art and crafts enrich holiday table decoration and create unforgettable memories of your nautical theme party. Small vases, glass bowls and baskets filled with small sea shells and decorated with tea candles, indoor plants or fresh flowers look fabulous creating sophisticated and elegant table centerpieces.

Seashell arrangement for table decoration
Creative sea shell crafts, seashell candle holder
Seashell candle centerpiece ideas
Beautiful sea shell crafts, seashell candle holder and table centerpiece
Beautiful sea shell crafts, seashell candle holder and table centerpiece

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