Amazing Floor and Wall Decoration by Artist Charlotte Mann

windows with landscape view drawings

Gorgeous floor and wall decoration by British artist Charlotte Mann are amazing, stunning and inspiring. Her floor and wall drawings create beautiful drawn room installations and pleasant visual illusions. These densely detailed drawings of rooms on ceiling and walls are invariably made with thick black marker pen on a white surface, creating original and striking floor and wall decoration.


These unusual floor and wall decoration ideas go back to school years, when the young designer and artist made the wall drawings in class rooms. Today the artist collaborates with product designers and creates impressive room installations for shows and presentations, surprising viewers with amazing visual illusions.

Black and white drawings on the floor and walls create dynamic, unusual and stylish backgrounds for interior decorating, and may inspire all who can draw to decorate their homes on a dime. Lots of patience, talent and creativity help save money on traditional floor and wall decor.

Black and white drawings for floor and wall decoration

bike and window drawings
Bike and window drawings for empty walls decorating

Black and white wallpapers that look like drawings are modern trends in home decorating, and actual black and white drawings on floor and walls not only create stylish and exclusive home interiors, but give them a personal touch and contemporary flair.

Black and white drawings are excellent floor and wall decor ideas that bring fresh designs, unexpected images and interesting interior decorating themes into modern interiors while personalizing room decorating like nothing else.

window and wall shelves drawings
Window and wall shelves drawings, black and white wall decoration creating visual illusions

Black and white drawings on the floor and empty walls make interior decorating feel youthful, dynamic and creative, adding character and original decorative accents to room decor, and creating stimulating, intimate and interesting home interiors.

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