Blackboard Paint, DIY Modern Furniture Decoration in Black and White

blackboard paint for a dresser top for creating black and white decor

Blackboard paint for one of the walls, interior and closet doors or modern furniture decoration offers exciting room decorating ideas for adults and kids. Blackboard paint creates a writing surface and dynamic contrasts with white objects and furniture decoration details in white color, making room decor brighter and more energetic.


Blackboard paint give a wonderful opportunity for self-expression. Painting the furniture, closet door, dresser or chest of drawers, desktop, part of the wall or interior door with blackboard paint and adding white details create unique, functional and stylish room decorating and add a personal touch to room decor in black and white colors.

Black or colorful chalkboard paint is a great ideas for decorating kids rooms. Chalkboard paint turns dresser drawers, closet doors and walls into a canvas for creating personal designs, simple drawings, letters and numbers. Chalk designs can be quickly removed and replaced. Chalkboard paint stimulates kids imagination, developing writing and drawing skills and allows children to decorate kids rooms according to the inspiration of the moment.

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Dresser or chest of drawers, decorated with blackboard paint

Young adults and kids will enjoy a dresser or a chest of drawers, decorated with chalkboard paint. They can draw simple pictures, write words, letters and numbers, or the contents of the dresser drawers, adding more fun to their room decorating ideas.

The chalk wipes off easily with a damp sponge, so painted with blackboard paint surfaces can be used again and again, bringing more joy into simple furniture decoration.

Painting furniture, closet doors or a part of the wall with blackboard paint and adding decorative touches in white or cream colors can be an exciting diy project that create elegant furniture decoration and striking room decor accents in black and white colors. A dresser or a chest of drawers look especially dramatic in black and white.

Black and white colors for modern furniture decoration

– the combination of large surfaces, decorated with blackboard paint and small white details

Classy combination of black and white colors make an old dresser or a chest of drawers, decorated with blackboard paint brighter and more interesting. The front of a drawer, dresser drawer pulls, decorative panels, made of wallpaper or beautiful fabrics with designs in white and cream colors make gorgeous room furniture decoration that brightens up existing room decor.

– the combination of large surfaces in white color with small details, decorated with blackboard paint

If black chalkboard paint look too dark to you, create elegant furniture decoration with small details, emphasized with blackboard paint that will look harmonious and light, creating brighter and airier room decor, particularly for small spaces.

Use blackboard paint only for small elements of your dresser or chest of drawers. Painting the rest of furniture surfaces white or cream color will make your old or second hand furniture decoration with small black parts look impressive, light and stylish.

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