Modern Interior Decorating with Tapestry Wall Hangings Bringing Texture into Room Decor

fruit tree tapestry wall hanging for fireplace wall decorating

Modern interior decorating with tapestry wall hangings adds luxury and an exquisite look to room decor. Fabulous wall tapestries in many different styles enhance home interiors and bring elegance and beautiful texture into rooms. Gorgeous wall decorations, tapestry hangings can be used as throws and drapes also, giving a unexpected and rich look to modern interior decorating ideas.


Marvelous tapestry wall hangings are universally appealing and versatile. Wall tapestries are home decorations that are made of study woven pieces and bring more texture and interest into modern interior decorating, creating sophisticated and looking expensive room decor.

Antique and vintage, contemporary and handmade tapestry wall hangings feature amazing jacquard weave. Modern tapestry fabric is great for making pillows, place mats, table runners and tablecloths that add pleasant color combinations and lots of character to interior decorating and table decor.

Tapestry wall hangings for all interior decorating styles

medieval tapestry wall hanging
Medieval tapestry wall hanging on a brick wall, modern interior design in contemporary style

A fabulous wall hanging tapestry is ideal for wall decoration and sprucing up the fireplace wall design or adorn a fireplace mantel with luxurious tapestry fabric. Large tapestry wall hangings can be used as room dividers and window curtains. Modern tapestry fabric is great for decorative throws, beautiful tapestry cushion designs and creative furniture covers.

Large tapestry wall hangings and small framed tapestry fabric pieces make amazing modern wall decorations and very special presents. They look formal and exclusive, and offer unique gifts and home decor accessories that are perfect for stylish, elegant and personalized interior decorating with attractive and stylish home fabrics.

tapestry wall hanging vintage style wall decoration
Tapestry wall hanging in vintage style

Wall tapestries are a nice way to highlight your interior decorating style and represent classic or contemporary woven masterpieces. Modern interior decorating ideas inspired by Gothic or Baroque decor styles include dark wood furniture and medieval tapestry designs that create beautiful rooms with rich colors and textures.

Modern wall decor ideas, lace fabric and doily patterns

10 modern and simple wall decoration idea with fabric

Modern interior trends in decorating walls and decorative fabrics

Vintage and modern wall tapestries with fruits and floral tapestry designs add a comfortable and inviting feel to country home decorating ideas. Contemporary tapestry fabric designs bring chic of minimalist style and new technology, adding impressive wall decorations to modern interior design.

contemporary tapestry wall hanging
Contemporary tapestry wall hanging, modern interior design ideas

Interior decorating with tapestries

Tapestry fabric is perfect for decorating empty walls and creating cozy corners. Small framed tapestry fabric pieces work well as modern wall decorations for staircases and empty walls in hallways. Grouped together small tapestry fabric pieces  with simple and elegant designs create stunning focal points and elegant displays for themed decor.

Handmade quilts in contemporary style make modern wall decorations

Wool painting, unique handmade gift and wall decorations

Beautiful tapestry patterns with scenic seascapes and tranquil landscapes bring a peaceful atmosphere into modern bedroom decor. Symbolic and meaningful tapestry  wall hangings create pleasant retreats, encouraging calm and relaxing lifestyle.

Classic bedroom decorating ideas,

A large antique or contemporary wall tapestry design, or tapestry wall hanging in vintage style are great for modern interior decorating. All tapestry fabric patterns look warm and interesting, bring texture and harmonious color combinations into room decor and create one-of-a-kind look. Even cheap tapestries look impressive, offering wonderful modern wall decorations that can cover cracked and chipped walls and create stunning focal points for modern interior decorating.

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