Egyptian Interior Style, Modern Room Decorating Ideas

egyptian interior design brings exotic middle eastern lanters

Egyptian interior style is one of expressive and dramatic home decorating styles that add antique chic and luxurious elegance to modern home interiors. If you want to give your home the feeling of ancient Egyptian civilization, impressive and colorful Egyptian decor is one of great options to consider. Egyptian interior style with rich colors, classy black and golden yellow color accents, Egyptian statues, mysterious hieroglyphs and unique designs will bring the old world into your modern home interiors and add exotic flavor to your home decoration.


Mysterious ancient Egyptian civilization continues to mesmerize people a millennium later. Egyptian interior style is a popular ethnic interior design style, as Egypt is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Egyptian decor ideas that include beautiful columns, Egyptian statues, frescoes and bas-reliefs look unusual and expensive. Pleasant and comfortable light and dark brown colors, striking black and golden yellow color contrasts are ethnic interior design ideas that add drama to modern home interiors in Egyptian style.

Ancient Egyptian architecture and exotic Egyptian designs are simple, balanced and elegant. Egyptian architecture and interior design ideas are characterized by straight lines with rounded corners and arches. Egyptian decor, especially timeless golden finish, decorative fabrics and room decorating accessories in golden color tones, create bright, warm, rich and powerful interior design.

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Egyptian interior decorating colors

Room decorating ideas in Egyptian style call for warm and light interior design colors, especially golden-yellow color tones, that symbolize the worship of Ra, the Sun God of ancient Egypt. All shades of yellow color, from desert sand shades to golden-yellow color tones, are excellent for creating Egyptian interior in the style, inspired by uniqueness and powerful beauty of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Egyptian decor

Walll decorations with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, paintings and canopies in bright colors or in beige and white color tones add important details to Egyptian decor, bringing exotic charm and luxury into Egyptian interior style. Natural decorative fabrics in solid bright colors are perfect for creating light and festive, elegant and comfortable home interiors.

Beautiful chairs and small benches, made of dark wood with carved ornaments were main Egyptian furniture pieces. Egyptian style furniture are colorful and unique, decorated with enamel, mother of pearl, gilding and inlay, – ancient furniture decoration methods that give Egyptian style furniture pieces their signature look.

Egyptian statues of birds, animals, deities and mythological creatures, vases and rugs with Egyptian designs are important elements of Egyptian interior style that comes from the world of pharaohs.

Egyptian design

Incorporating Egyptian design ideas into your home interior decorating is an elegant way to set your home interiors apart, creating a distinct look of rooms, inspired by the ancient theme. Egyptian design ideas work well for home interiors and offices, bars, shops and hotels, creating attractive and elegant modern interiors that are different, beautiful and impressive.

Egyptian designs help to express yourself in a unique way. You can use Egyptian decor theme to express your heritage or create a beautiful Egyptian interior, inspired by your trip to this country. You can also use this theme for one room decorating in Egyptian interior style and use a different civilization inspiration for decorating other rooms in your home.

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