decor styles

interior design ideas in eclectic style with classic furniture and room colors

Classic style brings luxury and ultimate comfort into modern interior design, blending pleasant, neutral colors with bright artworks, romantic, classic details, and contemporary appliances into striking home interiors in eclectic style. Decor4all presents these beautiful, elegant, and modern interior design ideas developed by two designers A.Sahno…

geometric decoration patterns in modern interior decorating

Constructivism and supermatism in art influenced fashion design and modern interior design styles, creating a very unique blend of artistic solutions, colorful accents, striking geometric designs and decorating ideas. Constructivist furniture and decor accessories, combined with suprematist artworks, wall paintings, home decorations and floor decor items…

vintage furniture and interior decorating in vintage style

Modern home decor ideas that blend classic home furnishings with exotic accents define the unique vintage style, a blend of European and Asian interior decorating concepts. Decor4all presents new modern ideas and home furnishings in unique vintage style from PROVASI. Modern home decor ideas in vintage…

asian decor and oriental room design, modern trends in home decorating

Asian interior decorating is unique and stylish. Asian decor, furniture, accessories, architectural details and lighting fixtures are modern trends in home decorating and room design. Traditional Asian home decor offers a unique world of appealing, comfortable and exotic home interiors in various Eastern styles and attractive…

modern living room decorating in eclectic style

Rich interior decorating ideas turn contemporary living spaces into luxurious and spectacular rooms in eclectic style that attractively mixes functionality and originality. Envisioned by designers at Ozhan HAZIRLAR, based in Turkey, this open living space looks expensive and dramatic. A spacious villa is located in the…

contemporary interior decorating ideas and home furnishings

Modern trends in decorating, including contemporary style, aim to infuse elegant and comfortable idea into spacious and airy rooms. Contemporary interior decorating style deals with the size of the room and its functionality, turning home interiors into spacious and multifunctional. Contemporary interior decorating style, by its…

vintage furniture for country home decor and modern interior decorating ideas

Beautiful country home decorating ideas by Claudia Juestel transformed a former farmhouse into gorgeous and modern home. Designed by a founder of interior design studio Adeeni Design Group in San Francisco, the home interiors look bright and welcoming, blending traditional country home decorating ideas with creative…

blue fireplace and unique lamp and chair decorated with fur

The typical old Alpine chalet is a wooden structure with a sloping roof. This old chalet in France shows not only traditional wooden structure, but glamorous and luxurious rooms decor with art decor flavor and unique furniture. Wooden home interiors are very attractive, welcoming and cozy,…

moroccan bedroom decorating with purple color and unique carved wood bed headboard

Mediterranean home decor is about a carefree, relaxing feel, bright and pleasant color combinations and a sense of being on vacation. Mediterranean home decorating ideas include various techniques and solutions influenced by Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Cyprus cultures. African, especially Moroccan designs, add spicy details…

pendant lights for asian interior decorating

Manak pendant lights are excellent lighting fixtures for all who like Asian interior decorating style and are ready to add charming lanterns to their homes. Ethnic interior is one of modern interior design trends, blending traditional and contemporary elements into modern room decor. Pendant lights that…

dining furniture and table setting

Beautiful interior decor enrich unique interior design, creating stunning Alpine chalet with a gorgeous vies of Mont Blanc. Creative and artistic cottage style decor ideas, original crafts and artworks, rustic details and sophisticated furniture

floral wallpaper and antique glass vases with flowers

Vintage decor brings chic and style into modern home interiors. Charming antiques and retro finds, old vintage decor items looks amazing, combined with traditional and contemporary furniture and decor accessories. Artfully mixed with new design ideas and iconic furniture pieces, classic

country home decorations and kitchen design with white cabinets and wooden hood

Country home decorations creates an atmosphere of comfort and add charm to cottage style decor. Country home decorations look cozy and relaxing, helping create pleasant and warm living spaces. Cottage style decor looks amazing with modern and classic style design details. You can choose

kids bedroom decorating with two four post beds in white

Beautiful apartment ideas blend modern home furnishings in classic style with exclusive and spectacular Art Deco decor accents, creating elegant and functional rooms for adults and children. The fusion of styles and luxurious apartment ideas transformed this old flat in Kiev, Ukraine into

solid wood dining table with red leather chairs

Gorgeous large wood dining tables invite to spend extra time in the dining room with family and friends. Country home decorating style  is a perfect way to create beautiful, welcoming and comfortable dining rooms. Large wood dining tables, colorful cottage tables and stunning

colorful bird decorations and table lamp

Shabby chic decorating is a relatively new interior decorating style. Shabby chic decorating style was born in Great Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country homes where there are worn and faded old furniture and decor accessories, paintwork and unassuming good

wood armchair and side table in colonial style house

Modern interior decorating in colonial style is a remarkable blend of European and Asian or European and Latin American furniture, decor accessories and architectural elements that came from different cultures, – Burma, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam or Central

white and black living room furniture

Take a look at these beautiful and airy apartment decorating ideas in Swedish style. Scandinavian interior decorating is light and functional. Scandinavian homes with spacious rooms, tall windows and bright interior decorating look inviting and pleasant. White

dining room decorating in gray purple and pink colors

Glamorous dining room decorating ideas bring the eclectic style and luxury into modern home decor. Elegant gray color shades, combined with fascinating purple color tones look gorgeous with soft velvet, silver and crystals, helping achieve that precious, perfectly polished and impressive look

dining furniture and lighting fixture

Minimalist style appeared in Europe between the 20s and 40s and got popular in the 40s. Interior design in minimalist style reflected the deficit of building and decorating materials, furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and household items after the World War II. The fundamental

retro furniture and decorative accessories

Retro home decor styles are perfect for people who are cheerful and optimistic, and like exciting bold colors and interesting textures. Retro styles bring retro furniture and decor accessories in bright colors, offering joyful room decorating ideas and unusual color tones or textures combinations

living room design with ethnic interior decorating ideas

Arabic decor brings unique vibe into modern interior decorating. Exclusive penthouse interiors with Arabic flavor are designed by architectural studio Nograph in Moscow. Luxurious three story penthouse design is located in Moscow and offers comfortable and beautiful ethnic interior

carved wood furniture decoration

Luxurious home interiors in classic style are spectacular and seducing. Classic style creates beautiful interior decorating, which can turn even a small apartment into chic living space that reminds rooms in European palaces. Comfortable and beautiful interior decorating is perfect for creating inviting

living room fireplace decorated with wood

The art of interior decorating around a fireplace is about functionality, comfort and beauty. Traditional fireplaces have transformed into architectural features and home decorations that bring warmth, cosiness and style into modern homes, creating charming sitting areas in living

outdor pool

Tropical home decorating ideas inspired by Sew View Villa room decor are a way to create spectacular and exclusive home interiors for luxurious, relaxing and pleasant lifestyle. Beautiful Sea View Villa resort is located in Kamala, Phuket, offering breath taking views and stunning room decor

unique lighting design from italian designers

Home lighting fixtures from Barobier&Toso demonstrate new style that make fusion of retro styles and modern lighting design ideas look fresh, innovative and gorgeous. Italian designers offer chandeliers, floor lamps and pendant lights that are unique, elegant, comfortable and very decorative

living room design in art nouveau style

Art Nouveau decor ideas are one of popular interior trends that combine modern art and functionality, beauty and unusual details, creating gorgeous unique home interiors. Italian designers from Francesco Molon and Savio Firmino suggest to decorate the living room with Art Nouveau