Asian Interior Decorating in Japanese Style

asian interior decorating with sliding screens

Oriental interior decorating in the Japanese style is distinct and versatile, suitable for contemporary apartments and small homes. Asian interior decorating in Japanese style is about functionality and simplicity, natural materials and elegant feel.


Oriental interior decorating ideas include natural materials and colors, home furnishings that feature straight lines and decorative accessories inspired by beautiful nature, giving a unique flavor of Asian decor to modern rooms. Japanese exquisite scenery, graphics and calligraphy add delightful elements to oriental interior decorating.

Asian interior decorating blend fascinating contrasts and dark room colors with white and red accents, offering gorgeous ways to create and enjoy home decor in Japanese style. Japanese-style calligraphy is the art that creates beautiful and original home decorations. Combined with simple Asian decor, they create the atmosphere of home interiors in Japanese style.

bathroom decor in japanese style
Oriental interior decorating ideas, bathroom decor in Japanese style

Japanese interior design style philosophy

The main principle of Japanese interior design  is the minimalism. Functional and comfortable, modern home interiors in Japanese style are created with a minimum of furnishings and a maximum of free spaces and natural light. Focusing on the inner world and peacefulness helps fill up the kind of emptiness of spacious of interior design in Japanese style. Seeing beauty and grace in simple things and forms inspires and reflects main ideas of this Asian interior design style.

Modern interior design in Japanese style is inexpensive, natural and eco friendly. Modern interior design in minimalist style is a part of Japanese character that allows to blend the simplicity and comfort into modern homes. Modern interior decorating in minimalist style is one of popular trends. The strong connection with the nature and graceful, elegant, nature inspired designs define oriental interior decorating ideas, creating gorgeous, calming and tranquil room decor in Japanese style.

oriental interior decorating, bedroom ideas
Modern bedroom decorating in Japanese style

Modern interior decorating in minimalist style

Natural interior decorating colors, materials and their organic combinations, create relaxing home interiors, spiced up with neutral color tones and bright accents. White color tones, creamy white, beige and all interior decorating colors that are inspired by natural building materials, – bamboo, straw, wood and natural stone, are excellent choices for Asian interior design in Japanese style.

Oriental interior decorating, Asian home decor accessories and ideas

Modern chair Torii bridging Western and Asian furniture design

A small Japanese garden design with rocks and miniature trees adds an additional natural feel to oriental interior decorating, connecting room decor with yard landscaping and surroundings. Textiles and decorative fabrics are important elements of Asian interior decorating.  Wooden and bamboo blinds, curtain panels, decorative screens, floor rugs, Asian decor accessories, paintings and ornaments in Japanese style create distinct oriental interior decorating.

living room design in japanese style
Asian interior decorating style, living room with low furniture in Japanese style

Low Japanese furniture is functional featuring simple, geometric shapes. Space saving and practical modern modular furniture, low tables, wooden shelves and storage racks can be perfectly integrated into Asian interior decorating in Japanese style. Japanese furniture and decor accessories are simple, contributing to the goal of Japanese interior design, creating peace of mind. Asian lamps made of paper produce a soft glow and create a mysterious and philosophical atmosphere.

Calming Bonsai plants adding Asian flavor to modern interior decorating

Modern oriental interior decorating ideas

Modern interior decorating in Japanese style

Modern interior decorating in Japanese style is about turning small living spaces into functional and comfortable rooms. Creative room dividers that separate different areas are excellent for small apartment decorating in Japanese style. A small garden or miniature indoor plants are a nice way to add a splash of green color and decorate modern home interiors in Japanese style.

Modern bathroom design with small garden and glass wall
Modern living room design with low furniture in Japanese style
Modern bedroom decorating in minimalist style
Oriental interior decorating ideas, white and red color combination

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